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The ULTIMATE Celebrity Wrestling Poll - 38 Big Matches

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Celebirty Heavyweight Title - One Hour Bikini Submission Match
Jennifer Lopez
Angelina Jolie
"Charlie's Angels" Submission Challenge
Lucy Liu
Cameron Diaz
Battle of the Tennis Stars - Oil Match
Anna Kournikova
Martina Hingis
Battle of the TV Action Femmes - Leather Bikini Attire
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Jessica Alba
Evening Gown Match - first lady to strip her opponent to bra and panties wins
Pamela Anderson
Mariah Carey
Battle of the 30 Somethings - bikini match
Sandra Bullock
Nicole Kidman
"Friends" Invitational - most submissions in 30 minutes
Courtney Cox
Jennifer Aniston
"Basic Instinct" - topless catfight
Helen Hunt
Sharon Stone
Stars of Tomorrow - bikini wrestling, first to score a schoolgirl pin wins
Reese Witherspoon
Julia Stiles
Redhead Catfight - NHB to submission
Julianne Moore
Gillian Anderson
Wimbleton Spectacular - bikini match fought on a vacant tennis court
Steffi Graf
Monica Seles
Sister against Sister - sports bra and shorts attire
Venus Williams
Serena Williams
All American Challenge - bikini attire
Jennifer Capriati
Lindsay Davenport
Beverly Hills XTreme Catfight - bra/panties/nylons attire
Tiffani Thiessen
Alyssa Milano
Battle of the Hills - bra and panties attire
Lauryn Hill
Faith Hill
Lingerie Catfight - first to strip her opponent naked wins
Laetitia Casta
Stephanie Seymour
Mega-Star Battle 2 - bikini attire
Gwyneth Paltrow
Elizabeth Hurley
Mature Match - first lady to score five submissions wins
Meg Ryan
Michelle Pfeiffer
Lingerie Catfight 2 - first to strip her opponent naked wins
Heidi Klum
Tyra Banks
Dawson's Creek Challenge - mud wrestling match in a creek, submission style
Michelle Williams
Katie Holmes
Battle of the Crazy - nude freestyle wrestling
Christina Ricci
Foxy Brown
Battle of the Blondes - bikini attire
Kirsten Dunst
Kate Hudson
Battle for Buckingham - Union Jack bikini attire
Kylie Minogue
Topless Sumo Match
Alicia Silverstone
Drew Barrymore
Southern Brawl - jeanshorts and bikini tops
Julia Roberts
Halle Berry
Hot Young Stars Battle - thong bikini attire
Lee Lee Sobieski
Rachel Leigh Cook
Endurance Challenge - string bikini attire, most pins in two hours
Brooke Burke
Cartherine Bell
Oil Wrestling 2
Ashley Judd
Winona Ryder
Oil Wrestling 3 - topless
Mena Suvari
Melissa Joan Hart
Test of Strengths - first lady to win three test of strength contests
Tea Leoni
Teri Hatcher
American Pie - ladies wrestle in bikini in a vat of pie filling
Tara Reid
Shannon Elizabeth
Older Babes Go at it - bra and panties attire
Rene Russo
Heather Locklear
"Party of Five" Challenge - first girl to score five submissions wins
Neve Campbell
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Hispanic Spectacular - bikini match fought on a beach in Mexico in front of 1,000,000 people
Penelope Cruz
Salma Hayek
Oil Wrestling 4 - topless
Charlize Theron
Heather Graham
"My So Called Life" Challenge - fought in Claire's parents' basement
Natalie Portman
Claire Danes
Battle of the Babes - leopard print bikini with special referee George Costanza
Mira Sorvino
Marisa Tomei
This poll was created on 2002-09-11 17:16:10 by chow41969