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Given the choice...

What would you do in the following situations?
You have just met the woman of your dreams. She is everything you could want (whatever than means to you.) The only thing is that she is your mother's best friend from college. Your mother threatens to disown you if you continue. Do you...
marry the woman despite the consequences
obey your mother
submit to a life of celibacy
You are a 15 year old heterosexual cross-dressing male. Your parents found your stash of feminine clothing and placed it in a big pile on the kitchen table, which you find along with them when you come home from school. Do you...
deny the obvious
confess to your crossdressing
say the clothes were given to you by your partners
say you won them playing strip poker
You recently found out that your first cousin has strong feelings for you, and quite frankly, you find her more than a little attractive. Do you...
go for it, after all, its merely a taboo
pass her up for fear of what the rest of the family would think
go for it, but in secret
Your partner/spouse/etc is a heavy smoker. You are very anti-tobacco. He/she smokes a pack and a half a day of non-filtereds and wouldnt even imagine quitting. Do you...
put up with it
try to get them to at least cut back
try to get them to quit, but accept it if they dont
give them an ultimatum...its me or the smokies...
Reverse...you are a heavy smoker but your partner is anti-tobacco. You love smoking more than anything...except her. She wants you to quit but isnt very adamant about it. Do you...
keep smoking because she doesnt say much about it
at least not smoke around her
try to quit altogether...only because it might please her
You are a recently married woman. You husband one day confesses to you that he has a strange attraction to womens purses, makeup, and hair products. Your reaction...
its weird, but could be worse
whatever blows your dress up...
where are those divorce papers?
This poll was created on 2002-06-25 06:25:20 by the boy skeezer