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Circumcision & Anti-Semitism

Since World War II, the phenomena of anti-Semitism has been researched heavily by sociologist. However, theories about the causes of anti-Semitism differ widely from research done previously. Sigmund Freud believed that circumcision was a major cause of prejudice against Jews. Freud believed castration just was intrinsically feared by males and that circumcision was equated with castration. This is how he explained why the Jews were feared by members of other cultural groups. Although this theory was largely accepted in its time very little has been written about it in the modern era and researching any connection between circumcision and anti-Semitism has become an academic taboo although the link was never definitively scientifically researched or discredited.

How much of a role does circumcision play in your view of the Jews? How strongly do you associate it with Judaism in comparison to other groups that practice it? Does an academic taboo or bias exist in regards to researching or making criticism of circumcision? Is this related to Judaism in your mind? Was Freud's theory a legitimate one or was it marred by his own cultural myopia?

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Which of the following cultural groups do you most strongly associate circumcision with?
Tribal Cultures.
United States.
Before taking this poll, had you ever heard of the theory that circumcision was a major cause of antisemitism?
In general, does knowing that a culture practices circumcision make you think more highly, or less of that culture?
Much more highly.
A little more highly.
Makes no difference.
A little less highly.
Much less highly.
In general, do you believe that an academic bias exists in research and critism of circumcision to protect the Jews?
No bias exists. Academics are free to critism circumcision.
A bias exists, but has nothing to do with Jews or Judaism.
A bias exists to protect Jews from critism that might provoke antisemitism.
A bias exists <EM>against</EM> circumcision.
In general, do you think academic institutions like Universities should support research into the link between circumcision and antisemitism?
Yes, definitely.
Yes, maybe.
No, this research is already being done / already been done.
No, such research is not neccessary.
No, such research could provoke antisemtism.
Do you believe that Sigmond Freud's theory that all males have an underlying fear of castration is universal, or do you think that it is specific to cultures where circumcision is prevelant, such as Freud's own culture?
Castration anxiety is universal.
Castration anxiety is a phenoma specific to circumcising cultures.
Castration anxiety is entirely mythological.
Do you believe that Sigmond Freud theorized that circumcision was equated to castration by non-circumcising cultures is fair, or do you think that Freud was trying to explain aversion to circumcision as his own culture had no concept of harm in circumcision itself?
Fear of circumcision only makes sense if its being equated to castration.
He couldn't understand fear of circumcision itself thus explained it this way.
If you had your son circumcised and later discovered that it was harmful and this harm was being covered up to protect Jews, would you become resentful?
I would not be resentful at all.
I would be a little resentful.
I would be very resentful.
Given the importance of circumcision to Jews, and the number of Jews in the medical community, do you believe that in the eventuality that circumcision was found to be harmful to boys, that there would be an attempt made to cover it up?
No, the information would be disclosed fully.
No, the information would be disclosed in a sensitive manner.
No, but it might be withheld if it was minor.
Yes, an attempt would definitely be made to withhold the information.
Yes, this has already happened!
Of about 2 million matches returned on google for antisemitism the first one is its entry in wikipedia, a free online editable encyclopedia. At this time, there is no mention of a connection between circumcision and antisemitism.
No one has put this into the article because there is no such connection.
There is a connection, but the wikipedia community is censoring it.
Circumcision is such a minor factor in antisemitism its not worth putting in.
The information does belong in the article but I don't want to do it.
I will help wikipedia by adding this to the article.
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