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Rachel & Trista's Crazy poll

"i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts. dee da lee dee!" Take this poll, and you'll find out just how many...
How many coconuts do you think we have?
just 1, we're freaks, we share it
NUBS! we have NUBS!
my momma said...
Do you/have you ever make/made a list of things you want to do before you die?
why, yes, i think of something new everyday
of course, i got the idea from SpongeBob
no, it's all in my head
no, i mean no, and dang it, i'm not gonna
good idea, lemme start "Things To Do Before I Die: 1)make a list..."
Have you ever been to a nudist Wal-Mart?
Well now I DO!!!!!
are you kidding? i INVENTED the nudist wal-mart
What would be the most embarassing thing to have your parents catch you doing?
pee my pants
pee in someone else's pants
prancing wildly, naked in front of the mirror to "Doe, a deer, a female deer...."
trying on my sister's clothes
trying on my BABY sister's clothes
pulling a popsicle stick outta my butt
tweezing my nipple hair
getting caught in the sack with your significant other at CHURCH camp
What is the worst show on television?
The Weakest Link
Family Feud
Wheel of Fortune
Supermarket Sweep
Meet the Press
Ricki Lake (& other talk shows)
the local channel (a tv show in itself)
exercising shows
What is the most shameful thing in your school's yearbook?
the two (or more) COLOR pages dedicated to hunting and fishing
the picture of you stuffing your face in the pie eating contest &/or "Chubby bunny" marshmallow cont
the pic of you and your ugly ex at prom
the seniors' baby pics
that picture of you running at the track meet
What's the weirdest thing you do in your spare time?
smack my legs and say "Jiggle, jiggle! Jiggle, jiggle!"
that "Doe, a deer, a female deer..." thing
stage all-nighters for the new infomercial
walk around translating as much as possible into at least one foreign language
imagine what it's like to be Dennis Rodman
think of a crazy, new sex position that you'll try on your rubber ducky tonight
jump on our trampoline naked
contemplate the sex lives of cartoon characters
practice your dance moves to "Everybody wants to be a cat" from AristoCats
factor your social security number
collect "Free Internet" CD's
pretend to be dislexic
Did you ever figure out how many coconuts we have?
huh, coconuts? i thought you said bananas
Do you own a copy of Vanilla Ice's first CD(album if you prefer)? The one with "Ice Ice Baby"?
heck yeah. Vanilla Ice is the Greatest!!!!!
If you gave an affirmative answer to the previous question, do you actually listen to your copy of the CD?
i'm listening to it right now!
If you gave an affirmative answer to the previous question, which is your favorite song off of the album?
Ice Ice Baby
Yo Vanilla
Stop that Train
Ice is Workin' It
Life is a Fantasy
Play That Funky Music
It's a Party
Juice to Get Loose Boy
Ice Cold
Rosta Man
I love You
Havin a Roni
What is the weirdest thing you've ever done to get a hot guy/girl's attention or to let them know you were interested?
made a paper airplane with your digits on it and flew at him/her
sang a song to the person telling them your number or other info
held a sign saying "hey hottie! What's your sign?!" as seen on the jumbotron
sent your rubber ducky with a message over to them at the pool
used the checkout line mike to announce "Hot guy/girl on aisle #, meet me..."
other (please use messages for description)
This poll was created on 2002-05-31 01:32:40 by wolfgal2k