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Christian Theology Quiz

This is a general quiz to see what people believe :-)
Should we even study theology?
Yes, we should know all that we can
Yes, but recognise humans are limited
We're all theologians... either sound or corrupt
No, it causes divisions
No, because I don't have a brain
What is your view on the Bible?
God forced people to write it
Plenary inspiration--100% God's perfect Word
infallible in all that it affirms
a good documented corrupted
it was written by a loonatic on drugs
whats the best way to describe God?
sugar daddy santa claus
your Abba Father who spoils you
true love and justice at the same time
a mean ogre
something people made up
what is your theory on Creation?
God created ex nihilo in literal 24 hr periods
the Hebrew leaves room for it to have been eras
Theistic evolution
humanity is:
totally good
basically good when receiving love
tabula rosa
basically evil
totally depraved
so sinful we don't even need satan's help
what is true about satan?
he is a fragment of one's imagination
he only has as much power as you give him
bound... but we still need to be very careful
the true cause of every sin and every bad thing
sitting next to you right now lusting after you
Jesus Christ was:
just a human
an enlightened human teacher
100% human and 100% Divine
some kind of demi-god
only appeared to be human, was only Divine
how is one saved?
when they decide to become a Christian
when they get enough brownie points with God
if they are enlivened by the Holy Spirit
when they choose to trust Jesus
C and D take place at the same time
atonement was:
limited, just for Christians
for Jews and Christians
unlimited, taking place at the crucifixion
unlimited, taking place before time
what can be said about the Holy Spirit?
it's like having a relationship with Casper
He convicts, restores, and comforts Christians
a second baptism in the Spirit brings gifts
all Christians must speak in tongues
can someone lose their salvation?
yes, even without knowing it
yes, if they screw up to much God drops them
yes, if they deliberately throw it away
no, the person wasn't truly saved to begin with
no, everyone is saved
the Church is:
the building where you worship
an organism and an organisation
the bride of Christ
God's people
temple of the Holy Spirit
last three are correct
what can be said about the end times?
*shrugs* whatever
its important, but secondary nevertheless
i'm a staunch preterist so there
the most important thing is balance
i wish Tim LaHaye was my gay lover
This poll was created on 2002-04-26 07:12:21 by dustin