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Hair Accessories

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What do you think of hair accesories in school?

*Do you think that hair accesories are good? *If never banned from school,which colour would be suitible for your school? *Do you think that teachers would ban scrunchies + other hair accesories from school? *Do you think that hair scrunchies are dangerous? *Do you think that girls should remove them for pe & sports activities in school? *Do you think that teachers would ban them in schools before long?(UK and Cardiff only)

0% (0) yes
25% (1) no
0% (0) don't care
25% (1) No,they are not harmfull at all
25% (1) Yes,can take someones eye out!
0% (0) No,the girls can wear them anytime
0% (0) Yes,i think that the teachers should tell them not to wear them
0% (0) blue
0% (0) black
0% (0) green
0% (0) white
0% (0) teal
0% (0) maroon
0% (0) other...
0% (0) No way,there to afraid to!
0% (0) Yes they might/will
25% (1) dont care,girls look nice with there hair back
0% (0) Yes soon they would ban hair accessories!
0% (0) No they will never ban hair accessories!
0% (0) Dont care!

4 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2002-04-22 18:08:41 by pollmeister
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