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Are you afraid of Flight?

These are some discussion topics surrounding The G-man award for I am a Better Actor At it Then Real Life for Eddie Murphy, awarded 3/07/02
Are you afraid of National/International Flight?
Yes, ever since the 911 scare I don't want to fly anywhere!
No I've never been afraid of flight on any level and I probably always will trust my pilots.
I've always been afraid of flying around in the sky.
Hell no, Give me a plane and a destination and I'll fly the damn thing myself.
What calms you down during a flight?
The beauty of feeling alive no matter where I am.
Polite Conversation with fellow passengers.
Trying to tear open those damn Peanut packages.
The InFlight Movie, whatever it may be.
My Agenda for taking over the Planet Earth and eventually - the entire Galaxy.
Lots of Alcohol
Thank god for the three "r's", the Retch Bag, the radio and the restroom.
A magazine will suffice.
I love the view from the window seat.
Psyching out fellow passengers with their fear(s) of flight.
The silky soft feel of my turban on my forehead and the boxcutter in my mighty terrorist arsenal.
This poll was created on 2002-04-22 06:08:28 by garbageman