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yup...all the stuff most Christians don't wanna talk about
what is your view on sub cultures (punks, rappers, goths, freaks, etc)?
God is gonna send them all to hell
They are misled, but can still be saved
Culture is entirely neutral
We can learn good things from them
Hey man, I'm a misfit myself!
What should be done about smokers?
Castrate them
Force them to stop smoking at all costs
you cannot be a Christian and smoke
smoking is nasty and you should try to stop
who cares? we all have rights
what is pornography?
anytime someone isn't dressed up
anything that causes sexual arousal
nudity in any and all forms
distateful nudity meant to arouse
any and everything of a sexual nature
"porneia" anything that is sexually twisted
homosexuality is:
sin people willing choose
sin people have no control over
a defense mechanism
just like heterosexuality
just how God makes some people
what is your view on femminism?
women should rule the world
women are better than men
God created the two equally but differently
men are better than women
men should use women as sex objects only
what do you believe about TV?
it's the best thing ever
it is good once in awhile
it's neutral
i don't care much for it
it is innately evil, kill your TV!
what do you believe about secular music?
no one should ever listen to it
some is good, some isn't
the important thing is being critical about it
everyone is affected differently by it
music is never harmful
what do you believe about Christian music?
it refers only to the old hymns and praise songs
it is a musical joke
Christian music is a ghetto that exploits
some is good, some isn't
music can't accept Christ as Saviour
What about alcohol?
Jesus made it, so drink up folks!
it is only okay watered down
the key here is balance and moderation
only pagans drink
what do you think about gender roles?
gender stereotypes are dumb
each gender must act a certain way
what do you think about war?
the Christian thing to do is nuke the Mideast
war is bad but at times necessary (Just War)
violence must be used very very rarely if at all
Jesus literally wants us to be pacifists
those who go to war sell their souls to satan
satan is conspiring with the army to take over
what do you think about swearing?
hey, let it fly
try not to, but don't worry about it
depends on the usuage and situation
no one should ever say anything remotely profane
God has a special place in hell for cussers
what about abortion?
it's a woman's right!
not the best option
we should eat the fetuses as delicacies
abortion is murder, so it is not permissive
those who get abortions should be beheaded
what about divorce?
no, never
not unless your being cheated on
not unless its for reasons of faith
B and C are true
yes, but don't get remarried
whatever makes you happy
finally, what about pleasuring yer little friend?
wacking off is the unforgiveable sin
wacking off should never be done
it's the lust thats wrong, not the action
depends on how it is used
wacking off is a part of everyday life
are you a
hyper Calvinist
*shrug* whatever
classic Arminian
are you
liberal republican
liberal democrat
conservative republican
conservative democrat
who is your favourite EBM band?
Apoptygma Berzerk
Beborn Beton
Echo Image
Project Pitchfork
VNV Nation
both Apop and VNV :-)
This poll was created on 2002-04-26 07:43:29 by dustin