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What is the meaning of life?

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Why do you exist? (Please choose the item that best fits your own point of view)
To know God
To know myself
To live as best I can until I die
To die
To enjoy life
To do whatever the heck I want
To learn as much as I can about what ever I want
To create a better place
To answer silly polls like thisone
Because the is nothing better to do
Because I have no choice in the matter
Because God wants it that way
To survive as best I can
To do the best with what I have
To be the best - PERIOD!
To be trampled on
So that others can be successful
To know my own parents
Because it's fun
To eat
To sleep
To have sex
To know more than you
To be better than you
To have kids
To ride harleys
To climb mountains
To sunbathe
To be admired
Some other reason that only I know
This poll was created on 2002-04-14 00:38:48 by darren