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Bloods vs Crips

Bloods vs Crips
Bloods and Crips are almost the exact same, they have strong loyalty, enjoy the same stuff. The only difference is one wears blue and the other red.
Sort of Agree
Would you consider yourself a member of either gang?
Did you know that their are bloods killing bloods and crips killing crips. These gangs sometimes have bigger rivalries amongst eachother than with the rival gang.
No, and i don't believe you bloods kill crips and crips kill bloods that's the way it is.
These two gangs are heavily represented in L.A( around 200 crip gangs and 75 blood gangs just in L.A not including it's outskirts.) However, if i told you these gangs were represnted in Belgum, Paris and other places around the world would you belive me?
No, the gangs belong in L.A and California
I think the gangs are only in the US
Yes these gangs our huge.
Would you be able to kill someone just because they were wearing a different colour than you?
It depends if I had a personal grudge against them.
No, I could never fire a gun at anybody
Bloods were created to be able to stop and stand up to the rising amount of crips. As the crips grew they became more dangerous. Does this change the way you view the bloods?
Yes for the better
Yes for the worse
Not at all
No, I already knew that
Which gang would you be more likely to join?
I already am a blood
I already am a crip
I would never get involved
Lots of rappers claim to be members of the different gangs. Such as The Game who claims he is a blood. How do you feel about these rappers
They are gang members and are showing pride for the gang
They are gang member and whatever rows they're boat, if they wanna rap why not.
They are simply complicating things
They are gang members but shouldn't be rapping. When rappers talk bout how big they are and stuff they aren't true gangstars. True gangstars have a lot of problems and hardships.
They aren't even true gang members they just wanna make money by talking about being in a gang.
I don't think any rapper claims to be a blood or crip.
Finally how do you think the war will be settled?
It is a never ending war
Crips will win by the gun
Bloods will win by the gun
They will set aside difference in peace but over time.
This poll was created on 2007-07-30 13:50:20 by winter2006