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What is abortion really about

The issue of abortion remains one of the most controversial topics of the past 30 years. After all this time does the majority of voters really know what the issue is all about.
What is the most significant issue within the abortion controversy
1. A womans right to choose
2. the right of the unborn to live
3. The nature of privacy in relation to society
4. All of the above
If you were to have an abortion, would you feel safer in a hospital or a privatly operated abortion clinic
1. Hospital
2. Abortion clinic
3. N/A
Do you feel there is good reasons for parental consent and 3 day waiting laws
1. yes
2. no
Do you feel abortion should be an unlimited right regardless of the stage of the fetus
1. No
2. yes, at first trimester
3. only before second trimester
4. At any time during the pregnancy
If it were possible through medical science to remove the fetus and still sustain it(at any point) would this render abortion as we know it, immoral
1. yes
2. no
This poll was created on 2002-04-08 21:03:56 by philly_420