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Male Physical Exams - Someone Else Watching

Over the years I have had several "guests" present for physical exams. As a very, very young child, my older brother (3 years older) and I actually had our physical exams together. I don't remember a whole lot about them. Then when I was 12 my dad took me to a new doctor and followed me into the exam room. That exam was very intense, and the doctor kept me naked the entire time. Later as a young adult, I had one (a surprise exam) with my grandfather watching. If you are a guy and think you would like to have a visitor in the exam room, fill out the poll and tell us about it.
State your age, and who you would like as a visitor to your physical exam.
Under 14 - dad
Under 14 - brother
Under 14 - grandfather
Under 14 - uncle
Under 14 - friend
High school - dad
High school - brother
High school - grandfather
High school - uncle
High school - friend
College (18-22) - dad
College (18-22) - brother
College (18-22) - grandfather
College (18-22) - uncle
College (18-22) - friend
Adult (over 22) - dad
Adult (over 22) - brother
Adult (over 22) - grandfather
Adult (over 22) - uncle
Adult (over 22) - friend
With a visitor present, how much would you like to be undressed for the exam?
Fully clothed the whole time.
In my boxers the whole time.
Naked but with a gown on.
In my boxers for most of it, but remove boxers at the end.
In a gown for most of it, but remove gown at the end.
Stripped naked from start to finish.
How would you feel about getting an erection during your physical if a vistor was present?
I would be embarrassed to get an erection.
I wouldn't want to get one, but if it happens, so what.
I would like to get an erection during my physical.
If you had a visitor in the exam room, would you like the doctor to perform a digital rectal exam (prostate exam)?
No, I don't want to get a DRE with anyone present.
Yes, with dad present.
Yes, with grandfather present.
Yes, with brother present.
Yes, with uncle present.
Yes, with friend present.
Instead of having a visitor, would you like to get a physical exam WITH someone else?
No, I just want to be the only one getting a physical exam.
I would like dad and me to get one together.
I would like grandfather and me to get one together.
I would like brother and me to get one together.
I would like uncle and me to get one together.
I would like friend and me to get one together.
Last question, have you ever actually had a physical exam with someone else present.
No, I've only had physicals by myself.
Yes, with my dad there.
Yes, with my grandfather there.
Yes, with my brother there.
Yes, with my uncle there.
Yes, with a friend there.
Yes, with another guy there.
This poll was created on 2003-06-14 13:29:37 by man_in_boxers56