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For Women about Men

General Feelings about Men while looking...
What annoys you more..
A Whimp acting tough ?
A Player acting innocent ?
An average $$ acting Rich ?
A Scared-boy acting Assured ?
What do you like most on the first meeting ?
A simple Hello ?
Kindness in the eyes ?
Distance in the eyes ?
His attraction to You ?
Your Friends Talking about Him ?
In the past, What has hurt You the most ?
Being cheated on ?
..left without a why or even a call ?
Him telling others about your personal time ?
His Lies of love while only wanting sex ?
He and your Girlfriend or Fam. Hooking-up ?
What Do Women Really Want, Most ?
Vows,Home,Children,Future, Love..?
Vows,many(sex)partners,and a rich old-man ?
To live their own lives,..no matter what ?
To have their mate take control and decide ?
Do you often end up in unhealthy relationships.. If so, Where is the blame placed..?
On Myself for poor choice.
On the other for being deceptive.
On the general human-race for lacking.
On bad luck.
On the Area and kind of people around me.
Real Love Feels...
All Encompassing.
Like a Choice.
A Burden that you Endure.
Like an Escape.
Like a Cool Partnership.
What Is the Thing you miss the most when a relationship suddenly ends ?
Meaning,Purpose and Activity.
Closeness with another,sex,at-one Sharing.
Money and Gifts,Public/social outings.
Being wanted desired and persued.
Do you often tell your friends about personal moments that you know your mate would not approve of ?
Only If their Great.
Only If their Lacking.
Never,I respect our Partnership.
Will You take the time to Go to the comments section to fill in the loopholes and continue all the possible angles in these Questions
I'll write you later,to tell my story.
I would just like to forget the whole thing.
You are My Ex-Burden,...leave me alone.
This poll was created on 2002-03-27 22:59:04 by three5one