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Draft Board Physical Exams, Military Group Medical Exams

Every American Male over 50, no doubt has vivid memories of the mandatory draft board pre-induction physicals. Large groups, usually stripped, enduring a day of humiliation, indignities and surprises. Often even the scales were rigged, to assure that even underweight and overweight examinees could be drafted. This poll is to share memories of memorable exams.
How old were you when you reported for your first induction center physical exam
21 or older
What was the reason why you reported for the pre-induction physical?
ordered by draft board
ordered by court
physical for voluntary enlistment
How large was your group being examined?
1 to 10
10 to 50
50 to 100
100 to 300
300 to 500
over 500
How were you clothed during the medical portion of the exam?
fully dressed except for specific portions
stripped to undershorts for entire time
stripped nude the entire time
given examination gown
Were there any females present, i.e doctors, nurses, medics or clerks?
no females when men were unclothed
female doctors, nurses or medics present
female clerks freely observing
Particularly as relates for draftees, did the examining center take any special measures to assist underweight or overweight recruits pass the exam?
no, to my knowledge
yes, they were taken to special rigged scales
yes, their weight was estimated to be passing
yes, weight wasn't even recorded
Did you have to complete an "orthopaedic exam" involving performing exercises such as push-ups, jumping-jacks etc?
Yes, in groups
Yes, fully dressed
Yes, wearing only undershorts
Yes, totally naked
Did the induction center single out draftees for special treatment, such as those in trouble with their draft boards, or sent by court order?
No, everyone was treated the same
Yes, they picked on certain indiduals
Yes, they had special groups seperated
Overall, did you feel humiliated by the exam experience?
No, not at all
Yes, a little
Yes, very much
This poll was created on 2002-03-20 17:54:58 by Plebeboy