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What did the petstore tell you when you bought your reptile?

This poll is an effort to determine if the pet store did a good job informing you of the kind of care your reptile needs, and if they sold you, or tried to sell you, all of the items and food you needed to properly set up your pet.
Did you receive any free care sheet with your pet?
Was the care information the store gave you correct?
Yes, it was correct
Most of the info was correct
Some of the info was correct
Most of the info was wrong
All of it was wrong
Did the store suggest you buy a care book for your new pet?
Was your pet
Purchased after careful research?
Purchased after only a week's thought?
An impulse buy?
Adopted from a rescue?
Are you new to reptile pet ownership?
Yes, this is my first reptile.
I have some experience but I'm fairly new.
No, I have quite a bit of experience in keeping reptiles.
At the store where you purchased your reptile pet, are you satisfied with the care of the animals? Check as many as apply.
Yes, the whole store is excellent
The staff is very knowlegable
The staff isn't very informed about the reptiles they sell
The reptile selection is good
The animals are housed properly
The animals are often sick or injured
The animals are kept in poor conditions
The store gives out free care sheets
The staff is willing to listen to care info for reptiles
The store is willing to make changes if something is wrong
Mgr. refuses to listen to reasonable complaints about animal care
The animals are overcrowded
Animals are kept in mixed-species displays
Aniamls are housed in roomy enclosures
The stoore has a good selection of food items for my pet
The store does not have a good selection of food for my pet
The store selles prekilled, frozen prey
The store only sells live rodents
If the store sold you an enclosure, was it lan appropriate size for your pet?
Did the store tell you your reptile would outgrow the enclosure?
This poll was created on 2003-03-20 00:12:32 by Colorado Reptile Rescue