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Nastiest School foods

The food at my school is barley fit for consumption how bout yours
What the worst about school pizza
they can't even do that right
they just use frozen pizza from stores(not bad)
they use the little pizza thing in packages from brands like Tony's(not bad)
they use cheeses substitue(seriously i saw it)
im not sure if it even is pizza
what worst about their fried chicken
it gives only a little bit of meat
it covered in greese
its luke warm
worst thing about their sub sandwiches
the sub in it means they substiute the basic with things i dont even wanna explain
its stale
ive alawys wondered where are substitute teachers went
off topic question
abortion should illegal
abortion should be legal
whats abortion
hey i added more how about their hot dogs
They're made of dogs
They bounce alot.
It's a dog's wang that was heated
heres a no-brainer mystery meat
I'd rather not know the mystery
the mystery is how it passed the health inspectors
I know the mystery and wish i didnt
The mystery is that if its no meat what is it
it makes the subsandwiches look good
How about the breakfast for lunch
its puke
Its the teachers left over lunch
I woulnt call crap on a plate breakfast would you?
Final Question how about the sloppy Joe's
Its sloppy cause Joe trew it up
Whatever happened to Joe?
This poll was created on 2002-03-13 11:14:26 by pokemasterice