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Purple Flying Monkeys With Blue Polka-Dots

This poll will help determine the existence of rare or mythical beings.
Have you ever seen a purple flying monkey with blue polka dots?
Yes. I saw one recently flying around my room.
Yes. My dog turns into one when it eats pickles.
No. There is no such thing.
No. But I am anxious to see one soon.
Yes. No, wait! I'm only joshin' with ya!
Have you ever seen a bigfoot?
Yes, my brother wears a size 13.
Yes, I have a girlfriend with really big feet.
No. They don't exist.
No. But I believe they live in my backyard.
No. Without cool shoes to wear, why would they?
Have you ever seen a cute cheerleader from your rival school?
No. They don't exist.
No. But I saw some competing at the livestock show.
No. But you can see them swimming in the big tank at Sea World.
No. They had a cute girl, but she moved.
Yes. Only joshin' again! Psych!!!
Do you think there are unicorns?
Yes. I have one. It lives in my closet.
Yes. They are cruelly de-horned & work pony rides.
No. They don't exist.
No. They are extinct as a result of over-hunting.
No. There are really only horses with bad hair.
Do you believe in the Loch Ness monster?
Yes. I saw it on Discovery channel.
Yes. He vacations in the local pond.
Yes. He lives in my neighbor's kiddie pool. Gross!
No. No such critter exists.
No. If he were real, he'd be dead by now.
Do you think there are UFOs?
Yes. I made one out of my brothers CDs.
Yes. Every time my friend drives his car.
Yes. But then again, I could be wrong.
No. They do not exist.
No. You've watched too many X-Files episodes.
Have you ever seen a smart football player?
Yeah, right.
No. They do not exist in real life.
No, really. Have you been drinking?
Yes. Only joshin' again. Isn't this fun?
Have you ever had an invisible or imaginary friend?
Yes. But I'm too embarrassed to talk about it.
Yes. But my dad killed him.
Yes. He (or she) is one of my bestest buddies.
No. Imaginary friends do not exist.
No. I have always been emotionally stable.
Do you believe in ghoststststs?
Heck yes!
Yes, and they scare the pee outta me.
Yes. I have seen, heard, or smelled them.
No. They don't exist.
No. Except on Halloween, when geeks dress like em.
Do you believe there actually is a Godzilla?
Yes. A friend from Tokyo saw him.
Yes. A friend from Tokyo was killed by him.
Yes. I saw him on the Sci-Fi channel.
No. Godzilla doesn't exist.
No. Wait - oh no - aaaaaaaaaaaagggh! Splat!
Do you believe in the sock monster?
Yes. He lives in my dryer.
Yes. He hangs out in my hamper.
No. My brother just takes them from me.
No. No such thing exists.
No. But if you smell my old socks, you'd think so.
A little of both.
Your age is:
I'm so young, I still have "accidents."
Obviously old enough to read this survey.
Old enough.
How old are YOU?
Old enough to go to an R-rated movie without parental guidance.
Old enough to watch X-rated movies.
Old enough that I can buy my own beer.
Old enough that guys buy beer for me.
I've reached the age where beer no longer appeals to me - I drink wine.
I've reached the age where wine no longer appeals to me - I drink scotch.
I'm so old, I have "accidents".
You found this survey
Cute and slightly amusing.
More fun than a barrel of purple flying monkeys with blue polka-dots.
The most annoying thing I've ever done.
Slightly more fun than a root canal.
More painful than childbirth.
Did you think this survey was over?
Yes. Why are you still bothering me?
Why am I still here?
Do I get any money for doing this?
This poll was created on 2002-03-05 01:00:54 by Shortee2305