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the2099crew - What's Your Opinion?

We want to hear from you...
Do you think abortion should be legal?
No, it's murder.
No, I think it is unnessicary.
No, but I don't have a reason.
Yes, but I don't have a reason.
Yes, but only in extreme circumstances.
Yes, I am pro-choice.
Who is Jesus Christ to you?
God is the flesh.
The Son of God.
Just A Great Prophet.
My Savior.
Just some guy.
A cult leader.
A nut case.
How do you cut down Satan? Satan is...
...a nerd.
...the fallen angel.
...lover of pain.
...king of death.
...lord of the flies.
...an idiot.
...a homo.
...for the pigs.
What do you believe in?
Big Bang and we came from Monkeys.
God created the earth and we came from Monkeys.
Big Bang and God created humans.
God created the earth and everything in it.
We are all figments of some god's imagination.
Aliens created earth and we are lab rats.
What kind of question is this?
True or False
Multiple Choice
What do you see school as?
A place where parents leave us so they can chill.
A place of learning.
A place of learning up until 6th grade.
A place where we are constantly tortured.
A place where we are punished for being alive.
A place where freedom doesn't exist.
A place of worship.
A place with poisoned food to kill us.
A place where we must waste 12 years of our lives.
Is Elvis dead?
Maybe not
What is your favorite kind of music?
Christian Rock
Secular Rock
Christian Pop
Secular Pop
Christian Rap
Secular Rap
Christian Heavy Metal
Secular Heavy Metal
Christian Punk
Secular Punk
Christian R&B
Secular R&B
Christian Techno Rock
Secular Techno Rock
Christian Techno
Secular Techno
Christian Dance
Secular Dance
Christian Hair Bands
Secular Hair Bands
Country (In-bredding)
Christian Contemp
Secular Contemp
Christian Ska
Secular Ska
Christian Parodies (ApologetiX)
Secular Parodies (Weird Al)
What is your veiw of God?
A Cosmic Killjoy.
Made up to keep us in line.
The creator of the universe.
The Lover of my Soul.
My Father.
PeeWee Herman.
Did you like this poll and would you like new polls in the future?
I liked this poll and I'm cool.
I want more polls and I rock.
I hated this poll and I'm a stupid peepee head.
I never want another poll and I suck.
Do you love the2099crew?
Yes I certainly do!
This poll was created on 2002-04-09 15:51:18 by pacolives