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Mormonism: What do you think?

I'm really curious about what others, both Christian and Non-Christian, think of Mormonism. Anyway, here goes:
Do you believe in Mormonism? In other words, do you believe in the teachings of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, the Book of Mormon, etc.
Yes, I am a Mormon.
No, I am a Christian.
No, I have a different religion.
No, I'm not religious.
If not, then why?
There is much archaeological evidence against it.
There is much theological evidence against it.
Joseph Smith was messed up.
The Mormon prophets are false.
I hate Mormons.
They pervert the Christian doctrine.
They have the wrong conception of God.
If you are a Mormon, then why?
The Mormon prophets are right.
Joseph Smith had witnesses.
The Holy Spirit told me so.
I like the idea of becoming a God (or a God's wife)
I don't want to go to any other level of Heaven.
I don't want to go to Hell.
Do you think Mormonism is Christian?
Yes, I think it's a denomination of Christianity.
No, I'm a Mormon but I don't think it's Christian.
No, I'm a Christian who does not think so.
I don't really care.
Do you love Mormons?
Yes, I love my fellow Mormons.
Yes, even though they are not Christians.
Yes, even though I'm not religious.
No, I can't stand Mormons!
I love them, even though they are not of my religion.
I neither love nor hate them.
This poll was created on 2002-03-28 21:37:59 by darrow