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The Most Important Poll Ever

This poll could save your life
The Internet was invented:
To serve as a decentralized communication network for defense purposes
To keep tabs on the civilian populace
By Al Gore jr.
By aliens to subvert Humanity
By aliens to enlighten Humanity
For the porn
The Y2K bug did not cause massive disruption:
Due to proper preparation by corporations and the government
Because a small group of rogue computer specialists managed to disable the alien virus in time
Because it never really existed; it was a plot by the government/illuminati/aliens to promote fear a
Dumb luck
The Space Robots are here to:
Protect you from the terrible secret of space
Push humans down the stairs
Shove humans down the stairs
Shove around the blind people
Push bread down their throats
All your base are belong to us
Move zig move zig move zig move zig
You know what you doing take off every zig
You know what you doing take off every zig
For great justice take off every zig
You know what you doing take off every zig
The phrase "all your base are belong to us" is:
An Internet phenomenon that captured the hearts and minds of computer junkies everywhere
Proof of the imminent takeover by an alien invasionary force
A subliminal message to government has created to dull the minds of those who would resist
The passphrase to get into a meeting of your local chapter of the Illuminati
Ramen is:
An excellent source of calcium
The best thing invented since the cold fusion compressor
A tasty snack
An inexpensive dining supplement
Great for when the missage of meals has taken place
Why are you still here?
I enjoy random polls
I have nothing better to do
I always like to finish what I start
The creator of this poll is so cool, I want to be just like him
I'm Canadian
I derive great pleasure from the answering of stupid questions
No one offered me dandelions
Well, they sure won't with an attitude like that
What are you implying?
I'm not implying anything. Is that a guilty conscience?
No, leave me alone. You were always so mean to me.
You were always mother's favorite
We aren't even related!
That makes it even worse
This poll was created on 2002-02-19 13:58:40 by hamod