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Police Brutality On A Peaceful Sit-In Protest?

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Several years ago, Americans saw news footage that shocked them--and gave several people PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.) Several peaceful sit-in protestors had walked into a local politician's office, quietly sat down, linked hands in a circle. They were protesting against logging in America's beautiful Headwaters area. When police were summoned, rather than whisking these peaceful protestors away, the deputies suddenly performed the barbaric act of jerking back the heads of these protestors (among them a teenage girl), forcefully prying open their eyes, and squirting them at close range with burning pepper spray. If you were to ask any doctor (and/or a scientist dealing with visual research), you would learn that OC (Oleoresin Capsicum, aka Pepper Spray) should never ever be sprayed from inches away under any circumstances--much less being methodically sprayed and/or applied by Q-Tip cotton swab right in the eyes. Fine, arrest protestors--file a criminal record on them--but dont ever again allow barbaric law enforcement personnel to do this. It was wrong wrong wrong!

When facing a nonviolent protest/protestor, should police be held legally accountable for any over-the-top roughing-up of such a situation?

12% (2) Police have the right to disperse protest any way they see fit?
37% (6) Non-violent protestors should be handled gently?
50% (8) Police who pepper-sprayed non-violent sit-in protestors should be tied down and sprayed themselves t

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This poll was created on 2002-02-16 21:13:44 by snickerdoodle_girl_2000
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