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What is the all the time greatest beat 'em up???

What is the best beat 'em to you so far???? Sorry if I miss any out but I will name the most known ones. Let the voting begin.
What is the greatest all time beat 'em up/fighting game???
Street Fighter
Street Fighter 2
Street Fighter 3 The New Generation
Street Fighter 3 Third Strike fight to the Future
Street Fghter 3 Double Impact
Street Fighter 2 turbo
Street Fighter 2 Turbo hyper Fighting
Street Fighter 3 championship edition
Street Fighter 2 Black Belt Edition[hack]
Street Fighhter EX Puls Alpha
Street Fighter EX 2 Plus
Street Fighter EX 3
Street Fighter Alpha
Street fighter Alpha 2
Street fighter Alpha 3
Any other Street Fighter
Tekken 2
Tekken 3
Tekken 4
Tekken Tag Tournament
Dead or Alive
Dead or Alive 2
Dead or Alive 2 Hard Core
Dead or Alive 3
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat 2
Mortal Kombat 4
Mortal Kombat Gold
Tobal No.1
Tobal No.2
The Bouncer
Capcom vs SNK:Millenium Fight
Capcom vs SNK 2:Mark of the Millenuim 2001
Capcom vs SNk 2: Millionaire Fighting
Marvel vs Capcom [PSX]
Marvel vs Capcom [Dreamcast]
Marvel vs Capcom 2
X-Men vs Street fighter
Marvel Super Heroes
Final Fight One
final fight two
Final Fight three
Soul Blade
Soul Caibur
Battle Arean toshinden
BAttle Arena Toshinden 2
Battle Arena Toshinden 3
Toshinden 4
fighting vipers
Super Smash Brothers
Super Smash Bros Mellee
Virtua Fighter
Virtua Fighter 2
Virtua Fighter 3
Virtua Fighter 3TB
Virtua fighter 4
King of Fighters 95
King Of Fighters 96
King of Fighters 97
King of Fighters 98
King of Fighters 99
King of fighters 2000
Fatal Fury
Fatal Fury 2
Fatal Fury 3
Art of Fighting
Art Of Fighting 2
Art of Fighting 3
Samurai Showdown
Samurai Showdown 2
Guilty Gear
guilty Gear X
Last Blade
Kensai:Sacred fist
fighter Maker
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