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Do you like NIKES?

I always used to wear nikes, and really liked them,but for the last few years have worn "New Balance".I recently purchased a pair of Nikes,and surprisingly I think they are terrible! what do you think of Nikes?
do you or have you ever owned any Nike sneakers?
yes currently
no never
I did at one point
do you or did you like your Nikes?
yep!, they were/are great!
they were/are okay
i dont/didnt like them
they just plain sucked/sucked
what kind of Nikes do you or do you have?
cross trainers
hikking boots
Running sneakers
did you ever have any of the folowing nikes?
Nike air structure
nike air pegasus
nike caldera
nike air max
did/do you use socks with your nikes?
yes I always wore/wear socks with my nikes
sometimes i wear socks, sometimes not
I usually go without socks in my nikes
I never wear socks with my nikes
I only wear/wore the older nikes without socks
are you happy with the new mesh lining nike uses in most running sneakers?
yes, its comfortable and i like it
i dont notice or pay attention
it is okay but it hurts without socks
It makes my feet uncomfortable
It gives me blisters
what do you think of the supports that come with nikes?
they are great and i use them
i never saw them
i throw them away
i use them sometimes
they hurt my feet
have you ever worn and not liked any of the folowing nikes?
nike air max
nike air pegasus
nike air structure
nike caldera
nike air 180
do you perfer any of these other brands?
New Balance
off brand sneakers
This poll was created on 2002-02-02 23:01:26 by tekr12