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school paddling

My name is Lisa Jackson. Early May 1999 I was paddled at my Florida school by two male APs. I felt violated and angry. It was an indecent and physical assault on my person. I would therefore like to hear from other girls who were similarly paddled by male staff, and also from male teachers who might have something to say either in condemnation or in support of the paddling of girls. Please, I ask for genuine responses. Neither myself or my dad want to hear any fantasy or meaningless stupidity. I now live in the U.K where I cannot be paddled in my final school year. Many thanks, Lisa. My email if you wish to write is jack@la3ba5.fsbusiness.co.uk
THIS PART IS FOR TEACHERS/PRINCIPALS ONLY. Should the paddle be banned in high schools for girls?
Yes, it should be banned for girls
No, it should be allowed for girls
If you do not support a complete ban, do you think the practice of men paddling girls should be outlawed and only female staff permitted to paddle girls?
Yes, men should be banned from paddling girls
No, men should paddle girls
Have you, as male teacher or principal, ever paddled a girl?
Yes, I have paddled a girl
No, I have never paddled a girl
Would you agree that the time has come for tighter regulations to be implemented, so that harsh or abusive paddlings, that are in the main, committed by males, are a thing of the past?
Yes, it is time tighter controls were implemented
No, I think current regulations are about right
Would you either email me or post on the 'talk about it' facility what regulations you would have in place for the practice of girls being paddled by men. Also, if you do or have paddled girls, how do you carry this out.
Yes,I will post what I think/how I paddle girls
Yes, I will email what I think/how I paddle girls
No, I will not post or respond to either point
THANK YOU TO TEACHING STAFF. THIS IS FOR GIRLS NOW. Have you ever been paddled at school by a male?
Yes, I have been paddled by a male
No, I have never been paddled by male
Would you refuse/Or have you ever refused to be paddled by a male?
Yes, I would/I did refuse
No, I would/did take the paddling by a male
What would you choose if you were offered the choice of the paddle by a male or ISS of three days?
I would choose 3 days ISS
I would choose 3 swats of the paddle
As a former HS female student or a current student, do you think men should be banned from paddling girls.
Yes, men should be banned from paddling girls.
No, it is acceptable for men to paddle girls
From what my father has told me, some parts of the U.K. once had a policy that girls could only be strapped on the hand with a very light strap, and never hit on the bottom. Would that be better in the U.S. for girls, rather than face the humiliation of being paddled on the bottom?
Yes, I would rather have the strap on my hand.
No, I would rather have the paddle on my bottom
Do you think it is time new regulations were implemented on the issue of males paddling girls or are you satisfied with things as they are?
Yes, I think it is time for new regulations.
No,I am happy with the current regulations
If you were able to implement a new set of regulations governing males paddling girls, what would they be? Would you either email me or post on the 'talk about it' facility.
Yes, I will emaill you
Yes, I will post on the 'talk about it' facility
No, I will not respond
If you were paddled at school by a male, would you give an account of this either by email to me or on the 'talk about it' facility? These are for statistical purposes only.
Yes,I will give an account by email
Yes, I will give an account by 'talk about it.'
No, I do not wish to talk about it
This poll was created on 2002-01-18 21:46:07 by jack