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Marine Animals in Captivity

To find out how much does the overall population knows about marine animals in captivity, and how strong of a reaction would the society in responsed to the captivity of marine animals in marine parks.
How do trainer effectively train the animals.
a) By Starving them
b) Rewards
c) Through Observation
On average, how much hours are the whale in training and performing
a) 1-2 hours day
b) 3-5 hours a day
c) 11-13 hours a day
In the wild, bottlenose dolphins can live for over 40 years. In captivity they live an average of:
a) 30 years
b) 5 years
c) 20 years
In the wild, Orcas ("killer") whales can live for 50 years. In captivity, Orcas live an average of:
a) 15 years
b) 10 years
c) 7 years
Wild Dolphins navigate their route by use of:
a) Eye
b) Echo
Would you consider visit marine parks again?
a) No, I would not visit any of the marine parks.
b) Yes, only if the marine parks improve the condition of those animals.
c) Yes, I would visit those marine parks regardless of the current condition.
How do you feel when you see Marine Animals been captured for human entertainment purpose?
a) I feel strongly that it is wrong.
b) I am neutral; however I think we should not capture any more animals.
c) I am comfortable with capturing animals for entertainment.
Do you feel the necessary for government to pass laws to regulate the marine parks?
a) It is necessary for government to regulate the marine parks.
b) I am not sure, because more restrictions may lead to price increase, therefore it affects the ec
c) I think it is not necessary to regulate those parks at present time.
Whales and Dolphins are currently are still been capture for entertainment purpose rather than food. What kind of action should we do to express our concern?
a) Writing letters and peaceful protests.
b) I would not do anything, unless I found a group.
c) I don’t think one person make any differences.
How do you feel that marine animal entertainment industry grew roughly 2.6% a year, there are new parks opening somewhere in the world every two month. Every new park has approximately 9 animals.
a) The industry grow too fast, I don’t feel it is necessary to open new parks. Since it involves c
b) I am alright with the growth rate, as long as the condition of animals in those new parks are tr
c) I think it is necessary to built more parks, since we don’t want to go into wild and disturb the
What should we do with those marine parks that currently still in operation?
a) We should close all the parks down and release the animals.
b) We should keep all the parks open, but not capture any more new animals.
c) We should leave the way it is.
How should the society punish the trainers who abuse animals?
a) Jail sentence for repeat offenders, and should no longer allow to train animals
b) Light sentence, such as warning, fines, etc.
c) No punishment necessary
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