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First World People

I was just curious to see more about how charitable the first world is. Let's go!
First of all, how generous and selfless do you think that most people in the First World are?
Totally generous and selfless! We rock!
We can be generous when we are faced with hardship
Most people are charitable to their friends and family but not on a larger scale
Most people are not very charitable at all
Most people are total greedy bastards!
When you see homeless people begging on the street, you:
Take them to a restaurant or something, just to give the poor guy a nice meal.
Give them any money/food you have on you. They need it way more than you do.
Give them any extra change you have. You wont need it anyways.
Smile and walk on by, feeling incredibly guilty
Ignore them and think nothing of it.
Ignore them. You work hard for your money, they should get a job.
Sneer at them and walk on by. Those drunk jerks don't deserve my charity or respect.
Do you give to charities?
I give as much as I can to all sorts of charities
I give money to a few global charities
I give money to a few local charities
I have one charity I give to because it effects me, my family, or my friends
I put change in those tins sometimes....
I don't give to charity, but I really should
I don't give to charity. Thats a waste of my money.
Do you participate in food drives, toy drives, etc?
Yes, I run one!
Yes, any time I hear of one
Yes, every christmas season
Yes, every once in a while
No, but I feel bad about it
No, why should I waste my time and money on things like that?
What do you think when you see those commercials for adopting third world children?
I've already adopted some of my own! I just can't let those poor kids suffer
I feel bad for the kids but I don't ever sign up.
I ignore them and wait fo rmy show to come back on
It's not my business to help those kids out. That's their parent's job, not mine.
How educated are you about global issues?
I'm very eductated, I keep completely up to date.
I try to keep educated but there's still alot more to learn
I know a bit about the things that are most important
I don't care unless it directly affects me or my family
Have you switched to a hybrid car or something with lower gas intake, to help fight global terrorism?
No, because I refuse to drive cars at all
I had one before 9-11 anyways
Yes, I went out and got one as soon as I learned about how oil funds terrorists
No, but I would if I had the money
No, why would oil have anything to do with terrorists?
No, they hate our freedoms, so it would be like letting them win to change our ways
No, In fact, I got an SUV just to show those terrorists I'm American (or Canadian, British, etc)
Do you like diamond jewlery?
No ways! Those things are AWFUL!
No, it's too expensive...
Eh, it's just stones
Yes, why wouldn't I? What's wrong with diamonds?
Yes, I don't care about where they came from. All I care is I get a nice ring!
This poll was created on 2002-01-12 20:22:01 by kimikiness