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High School Detention

This poll is to determine your thoughts about school detention
What is your gender?
How long should an after school detenion be?
20 minutes
30 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes
120 minutes
Should students be allowed to use the bathroom when they are in detention?
Yes but if they do go the bathroom they should be kept for additional time.
Yes but they should be given an additional detention for doing so.
Definitly not.
Should students be allowed to do homework in detention?
No, they shold just be required to sit there and do nothing
Which would be a harder punishment?
2 45 minute detetions to be served on different days
1 90 minute detention
Imagine a student that is assigned a detention to be served the same day and that during detention you cannot use the bathroom. If the student claims that he/she took a laxitive that mourning he/she should
Have to serve the detention and hope for the best
Give her the option of serving two detentions at a more convient time.
Let him/her serve the detention at a more convient time.
One all girls high school that I know has a policy that if in a given year a student earns 5 after school detentions then she is assigned a all day saturday detention? In addition, it is very easy for a freshman girl to get a detention. As a result, most freshamn girls ending up serving at least one saturday detention. Is this good?
A good idea. - If a student is consistenlty breaking the rules she deserves additional punishment.
A bad idea - With each detention the student has already paid for her mistake.
If a student cuts detention then the student should
have to serve the detention on another day
have to serve two detentions
have to serve three detentions
If your boy/girl friend got detention and it was allowed would you serve it for him/her.
probably not
definitly not
If you get caught cutting detention which would be worse:
Both you and one of your parents must serve a detention.
A week of detentions.
This poll was created on 2002-01-03 23:16:38 by notmyrealname2718