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What Kind of Driver Are You?

Everyone complains about other people's driving. But what kind of driver are you?
You're on the interstate. The speed limit is 75 miles per hour. How fast are you driving?
95 or faster
Cruise control set at 75
75 is too fast; I'll go slower
You're on a 2-lane road with a double yellow line, and a slow truck is blocking you. What do you do?
Blow past the truck on the shoulder
Wait for an opening, check for cops, and pass
Wait for a legal place to pass
Just sit behind the truck and dawdle
Hang back; trucks scare me
You're behind a car at a stoplight. The light turns green, but the car doesn't move. How long do you wait to blow your horn?
Blow the horn? Hell, I'll just drive around 'em on the sidewalk
0.005 seconds
One or two seconds
Three to five seconds
I won't blow my horn
An intersection is coming up, and the light just turned yellow. What do you do?
Gun the engine and sail on through
Quickly calculate if I can make it
Slow down
Come to a complete stop twenty feet before the intersection
Complete the following sentence. "To me, the most important feature of a car is. . .
power and acceleration
prestigious appearance
luxurious amenities
loud stereo
my stash of illegal drugs in the glove compartment
soft, quiet ride that won't upset my digestion
room for all my junk
rock-bottom price
Complete the following sentence: "As a driver, I am. . . "
skilled beyond the capacities of most mere mortals
pretty darned good
just average
not that good
a threat to everyone else on the road
How many drinks can you have before you become unsafe behind the wheel?
I'm okay with six, but eight or nine is probably pushing it
just a couple
The greatest threat to road safety is. . .
Young speed-crazy punks
Old people
Have you ever drag-raced someone on the street, even to see if you could beat someone across an intersection?
Oh, hell yeah, all the time
Once or twice
Never, and I would call the cops on people if I saw them doing it
Have you ever had an accident?
If so, whose fault was it?
The moron who got in my way
Someone else being inattentive
The cop who was trying to get me to pull over
The voices in my head
Should kids be allowed to ride unbelted in the back of a pickup truck?
Sure, they love it
No, it isn't safe
Should motorcyclists be required by law to wear helmets?
No, it's the rider's choice
Only if they're under 18
Motorcycles should be banned, and the people who like them are animals
Should car drivers be required by law to wear seatbelts
No, it's the driver's choice
Only for passengers under 18
Cars should be banned, and people should be forced to take the bus
Should talking on a cell phone while driving be illegal?
Cell phones should be illegal under any circumstances; the radio waves give you brain cancer
Do you eat while you drive?
All the time; I especially like a big, steaming plate of spaghetti and meatballs.
I occasionally grab a sandwich or a drink, if I'm in a hurry
Never; I always concentrate on the road ahead
Finally: What would make our streets and highways safer, more pleasant places to drive?
Do away with all speed and traffic laws; let natural selection weed out the unworthy
Higher speed limits
Stricter licensing, heavier fines, more enforcement
Lower speed limits, more restrictive laws
More courtesy
Fewer drunks
Fewer blue-haired grannies dawdling along getting in people's way
Fewer dangerous old heaps allowed on roads
Fix all the potholes
Gas taxes increased to $3 a gallon to encourage people to ride bicycles and respect the environment
This poll was created on 2002-02-12 20:34:28 by hevace_eveeloj