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Wrestling: Women vs. Men Challenge

This poll is designed to determine how women and men feel they would or did react to a mixed wrestling challenge..
Women: How many men have you wrestled in your life?
More Than Two
I have Never Wrestled a Man
Men and Women: Would you be willing to wrestle a in a supervised match to prove you can compete with the opposite sex?
Maybey, if the situation was right
Women: What strengths do you think a woman can use to her greatest advantage against a man?
Wrestling Holds
Arm Strength
Leg Strength
Feet or other
Cheap Tactics
Women: If you ever do wrestle a memeber of the opposite sex, what do you think your chances of winning fairly, against an opponent of similar size would be?
Less Than 25 Percent
25-50 Percent
50-75 Percent
75-100 Percent
Men Only: If a challenge to wrestle arose from a woman in a social situation, how would you react?
I would wrestle her in front of everyone.
I would ask her to meet privately to wrestle.
Possible embarrassment would stop me completely.
I would be afraid of hurting her.
Men and Women: If you lost a fight to a member of the opposite sex, what would your response be?
Women: Work out and challenge him again later.
Women: Congratulate him on a good match.
Women: Go home embarrased and upset.
Men: Work out and challenge her again later.
Men: Congratulate her on a good match
Men: Go Home embarrased and upset.
Women: What would be the most motivating factor in challenging a man to a wrestling match?
He is conceited and thinks he's invincible
He treats you with disrespect
He puts down women in general
He hurt you or a friend and you want revenge
Men: What would be the most motivating reason to wrestle a women?
She challenged you and you don't want to back down
It's fun and the chance of losing is slim
She puts down men in general
She claims she can't be beaten by a man
What was your most memorable moment from a past confrontation of the opposite sex?
Women:I beat a guy and felt powerful
Women: I lost to a guy and was embarrased
Women: I never had a fight with a man
Men: I beat a girl and felt powerful
Men: I lost to a girl and was embarrassed
Men: I never had a fight against a girl.
Men& Women: The outcome wasn't important
This poll was created on 2001-12-28 20:54:13 by nferrino