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Clinton's Legacy Poll

President Clinton's legacy has been contended since before he even left office. What do you think of his legacy?
What will be remembered as President Clinton's greatest legacy?
Pardoning of FALN terrorists in 1999 to help Hillary get elected in New York.
Being the first elected President to be impeached.
Waggin his finger & Lying to America about his involvement with Monica Lewinsky
What was President Clinton's worst moment while in office?
Election night 1994 when America voted a Republican landslide in both house of congress.
When a camera caught him laughing at Ron Brown's funeral, and he quickly had to appear to be crying.
When he was disbarred from practicing law for committing perjury during the Paula Jones trial.
Who did President Clinton choose to be his worst enemy while in office?
Newt Gingrich, American
Ken Starr, American
Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda leader and organizer of the 1993 WTC bombing.
What did President Clinton do to help the economy during his eight years?
By having Vernon Jordan get a job at Revlon for Monica to keep her mouth shut.
Created Midnight Basketball so Americans could stay up all night with a game of b'ball after work.
Nothing, the economy only surged after Republicans cut spending and cut taxes in 1995.
What was President Clinton's cutest moment while in office?
When he held up all air traffic at LAX for 2 hours for his $200 haircut.
When he invited international drug lords to the White House for fund raisers
When he was getting something from Monica that he said was not sex.
When he didn't even try to deny rape charges from Juanita Broaderrick.
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