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Would you go barefoot?

Would you go without shoes in these situations?
something else
Age? If you're under 18, please do not take this poll.
Scenario 1: You are going on a vacation to a tropical area during the summer, and you will be there for two weeks. Someone who is going with you (maybe a friend or partner) dares you to not bring any footwear with you. If you need shoes to get into some establishments, they will let you borrow some flip flops, but you'll otherwise have to stay barefoot the whole time. Would you try it?
Yes, I accept the dare
Yes, but only on certain conditions
Why did you pick your answer? And regardless of your answer, how would you feel if you did this dare? Be as detailed as you'd like.
Scenario 2: You plan on going to the beach/pool to meet friends. It's just over a mile away, and you don't feel like driving there. You don't want to bring very much with you, since you will be walking, and you won't need much of anything in the water. Would you walk there barefoot?
Yes, I'll go barefoot
Maybe (why or why not?)
No, I'm bringing shoes
Why? And if you did go barefoot, how would you feel during the walk?
Would you feel any different if more people saw you? How about if they commented on your lack of shoes?
Do you live near a beach? And have you ever walked there without shoes before? If so, did anything noteworthy happen?
Scenario 3: It's a snowy winter day, and you are inside wearing some casual clothing, with no shoes or socks. You need to take some garbage to the bin outside. Would you bother putting on shoes, or just get it done with bare feet?
I'll do it barefoot, even if it's cold
It depends (on what?)
I'm putting on shoes
Why did you choose your answer? How would you feel if you did go barefoot in the snow?
Do you live somewhere with snow? And if you do, have you gone barefoot in the snow before?
Do you like going barefoot?
I do like going barefoot
I enjoy it sometimes
I have no particular feelings about it
I don't like it, but I'm fine with it
I avoid going barefoot
How often do you go barefoot?
I don't ever wear shoes
I go barefoot as much as possible
I try to go barefoot a lot
I go barefoot more than average
I probably go barefoot an average amount
I mostly only go barefoot indoors
I go barefoot less often than I'd like
I go barefoot more often than I'd like
I only go barefoot when I'm alone
I don't go barefoot very often
I only go barefoot when it's necessary, otherwise I'm wearing shoes.
Are your feet sensitive?
Very sensitive
Somewhat sensitive
Average sensitivity
Not very sensitive
Anything else you want to mention?
This poll was created on 2022-01-12 01:08:00 by barefootSnow