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Do you wear sandals to school? And after school?

I like to wear sandals, even to school, are there others who like it?
Do you like wearing sandals to school?
How do you wear sandals?
with socks
Why do you wear sandals to school?
My choice
my parents force me
sandals are compulsory during summer
during summer i hate shoes
What type of sandals do you wear?
Teva type
slide sandals
Roman sandals
After school, what do you wear?
Stay in sandals
stay in sandals, but add socks
if i wear socks and sandals i take off socks
i hate wearing sandals, i wear socks and shoes
i wear sandals all summer
it's a rainy day but rather hot, you will stay out of the house until evening, what do you choose?
Sandals, but i also wear socks
i wear socks and shoes, but i keep sandals in a bag
Socks and shoes, i don’t wear sandals if it rains
You are going out with your friends, and you are the only one wearing sandals, what do you do?
Stay in sandals
change with socks and shoes
stay in sandals, but keep a pair of socks
suppose: it's a not very hot summer evening, you wear shorts, sweatshirt and sandals, you are about to go out:
Stay in sandals, i am lazy to change
I stay in sandals but i also wear socks
I change in shoes and socks
Do you prefer to wear sandals with or without socks?
I always wear sandals without socks
socks and sandals are more comfortable
I prefer to wear socks with sandals, but I rarely do it because I would be made fun of
sandals should only be worn barefoot, if you need socks put on shoes!
on some autumn days that are still quite warm, what do you do?
I still wear my sandals, as long as I can I avoid shoes, at most I wear socks
I wear sandals, barefoot
I wear socks and shoes, sandals only during summer
FOR GIRLS ONLY: What do you think of guys wearing sandals?
No problem, but please wear sandals without socks
i like boys in sandals
it is ok, but i prefer boys wearing shoes
sandals are ok, but only with socks
This poll was created on 2021-11-13 00:59:13 by JoshK99