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What would you do for millions

Here is the situation. You have been contacted by an eccentric multi-billionaire. He gives you the lists of tasks I have listed below. There are 13. They are worth $1,000,000 each. The catch is that you must complete 6 before you get anything. Then you get $6,000,000 plus $1,000,000 for each one afterwards.
All choices will be listed as multiselect check boxes. Choose carefully, and let's see where everyones values lie.
1 Commit a murder
2 Commit a rape
3 Live as a gay person for 1 year. Gays may read as a str8 person for one year
4 Become a crossdressing transvite for the rest of your life.
5 Have a sex change
6 Have surgery to make you lose all bladder control
7 Have surgery to make you lose all bowel control
8 Renounce your country and move to the middle east
9 Males, undergo castration, and females, total sterlization
10 Walk naked thru the center of town on the coldest day of winter
11 Give up any internal organ you believe you can live without. Your appendix doesn't count
12 Give up one of your 5 senses 9You get to pick which)
13, Give up one of your 4 limbs (arms and legs) Again, you pick
This poll was created on 2001-12-05 22:42:26 by jereab