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A terrific civil way for women to face off and settle everything

What if this was poossible: Two women who are at odds with each other decide to settle it this way. They both dress to kill, then meet at a club. The 2 women each bring a woman with them as an assistant. They arrange booths or tables of people as judges and the the 2 women go before each booth or table of people who then vote for the woman who wins, because of style, attitude, dress, , overall presentation. After a best of 5 booths or tables, one of the women is determined the overall winner. Then the ladies go to the home of the losing gal. The losing woman then takes off shoes, jewelry, and squats done on the floor. The winning woman, with the help of her assistant, using pillows, actually squashes the losing lady flat was a large round pancake, like in the cartoons. The flattened woman is not hurt at all (maybe humiliated), but simply squashed flat as a pancake, face up. Score settled and neither woman evrn broke a nail. Flatened woman stays flat for hours, days, weeks, months, depending on how flat squashed.
Would you do this?
Would you do this?
This poll was created on 2019-06-11 04:16:00 by bbear43