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school shoeplay/shoeloss (girls only sorry)

heyyyyy, so my names is millie, im in year nine and I love shoeplay or losing my shoes but I want 2 know how many other girls do it cos I wanna know how normal it is. thanks xx
what shoes did you wear to school?
lace up school shoes
what was on your feet?
knee socks
ankle socks
toe socks
how loose are your school shoes?
they are tight and don't slip
they are snug and don't slip
they slip a tiny bit when i walk
half of the heel comes out
the whole heel comes out when I walk and falls of sometimes
most of my foot comes out when I walk
do you mind other girls and guys seeing your feet?
yes, I don't take my shoes off
yeah I don't like them to watch but I take off my school shoes sometimes
i feel embarrassed if they see me shoeless but i still do it
i don't care if they see me shoeless
i like it when they look at my feet
i really enjoy it when people see me like that
i need people to see me in such a vulnerable state!
how do you start to play with your shoes at school?
i push it off my heel with my fingers
i push it of with my foot
i wiggle it around while dangling it
i step out of it or walk out of it
i just let it come off naturally since its so loose
you're sitting near your crush, what do you do to get his attention?
dangle your shoe
dangle and drop your shoe
pretend to accidentally kick your shoe over to your crush
slip them on and off
just take them off and sit in socks or tights
kick your shoes around on the floor
get rid of your shoes
rub your foot gently on ur crushes
what are your fav things to do while standing
slip one heel out
slip both heels out
wear one and stand next to the other
wear none and stand in just socks
lift your leg so that it falls off
lift your leg so that it falls off, hopefully going out of reach
slide it around in front or behind
slide it around in front or behind hoping that it goes out of reach
put it in a walkway and hope it gets kicked away
cross your legs and pop your shoe off
casually step out of it and keep walking
other (please explain)
what are some of your favourite stories involving shoeplay or shoeloss?
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