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Punishment for bedwetting daughter

She is a young teenager and wet sometimes her bed, not very often but sometimes 1-2 times per week. It was frustrating to clean her bed everytime, so we decided that she wear protection (disposable diaper) every night. At first she didn't want them, but there are no discusion, protection every night. We thinking that she accepted this rule. But in one morning her bed was wet again, in the night she has take off her protection without our knowledge. So in my opinion it is time for a punishment, but what kind off punishment and what is the best method to prevent this situation again, so that she couldn't take off her diaper.

Which punishment is in your opinion appropriate in this situation? (We not accepted spanking or other violent punishments!)

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60 voters have answered this question.

Undressing of the protection should be impossible in the future. What are the best method in your opinion?

28% (26) She should wear a back zip footed pajama at night.
5% (5) She should wear a button up footed pajama, but with attached mittens.
34% (31) She should wear a back zip footed pajama with mittens.
31% (29) She should wear a lockable plastic pants over the diaper.

91 voters have answered this question.

If your choice were a footed pajama with mittens, would you prefer a padded mittens.

70% (52) Yes
29% (22) No, normal thumbless mittens are enough.

74 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2018-10-05 19:29:47 by Lena0
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