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Yet again more celebs in action

It just never ends!
Eminem, basically as Mariah Carey's manager for a while, signs her in a match against Rihanna and Beyonce. The respective fans of the latter 2 have a fit as they are now a team. But the main question is who wins the match?
Beyonce and Rihanna
Some of the more whiny celebs have demanded titles like they have in the WWE and UFC. The first one to be awarded is the Hollywood Championship. It will be determined by a battle royale, and whoever wins will be the first champion. Who wins?
Hayley Atwell
Luke Evans
Sam Worthington
Christian Bale
Allison Williams
Mark Wahlberg
Daniella Pineda
Constance Wu
Priyanka Chopra
Idris Elba
Scarlett Johansson
Evangeline Lilly
Omar Epps
Michael Pena
Alexandra Shipp
John Krasinski
Olivia Munn
Alexandra Daddario
James McAvoy
Gerard Butler
Jessica finally gets a 1 one 1 match with Kylie Jenner. It's a steel cage match to prevent interference, and Jessica had to put her career on the line for the match. What winds up happening?
Jessica wins
Kylie wins, and then humiliates Jessica for her last public appearance ever
There is still some Kardashian/Jenner interference. They manage to accomplish swinging the odds in Kylie's favor and she wins easily. The league commissioner does throw out the retirement clause however, as there was still interference
The second title match of the night for the team mayhem titles. Fans vote for 1 to 7 fighters for each team, and the winning team will have to defend the titles on the next show against a different team. The first team is Team Trainwreck (figure out on your own how they got that name), vote for who will participate in the match.
Adam Sandler
Taylor Swift
Lindsey Lohan
Justin Beiber
Pauly Shore
Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag (Yeah they come as a package deal)
The opposing team is Team Pinup. You know these girls, they splatter nearly nude pics all over the internet, and cause horrible things to occur in basements and bathrooms all over the world. Anyway, pick who will represent them in the match
Bianca Kmiec
Viki Odintcova
Denise Milani
Gemma Atkinson
Arianny Celeste
Antje Utgarrd
Jordan Carver
So the rules of the match are this : It lasts 30 minutes. One person from each team in the ring, tags work as normal. Each pinfall or submission is worth 1 point. KO's are worth 3 points. Whoever has the most points at the end wins, if there is a tie, it goes to a sudden death round where the next point determines the winner. The winning team is :
Team Trainwreck wins, with no points scored against them
Team Trainwreck by a large margin in points
It's close, but Team Trainwreck wins
Trainwreck wins in sudden death after a tie at the end of 30 minutes
Pinup wins in sudden death after a tie at the end of 30 minutes
It's close, but Team Pinup wins
Team Pinup by a large margin in points
Team Pinup wins, with no points scored against them
As the Kardashians are looking to get back into the winning category, they setup a photoshoot for SI swimsuit models Alexis Ren and Olivia Culpo. Alexis and Olivia show up only to find out quite quickly the only photoshoot Kim has in mind is her, Khloe and Kourtney standing over the defeated models. How does this end?
Alexis and Olivia aren't that gullible, they show up ready to fight and pull off a win
Alexis and Olivia are prepared, but the advantage of numbers plays into the Kardashians favor. Kim winds up getting her planned photoshoot.
Alexis and Olivia show up fully expecting a photoshoot. The unsuspecting bikini clad models are decimated by the Kardashians.
The final match of the night is another battle royal for a title. This time it's the Bunny Queen title, and the participants are all centerfolds for a certain magazine. The winner is :
Tiffany Fallon
Sandra Nilsson
Crista Nicole
Jennifer Walcott
Jaclyn Swedberg
Kaylia Cassandra
Brittany Retkofsky
Jayde Nicole
Monica Leigh
Tyran Richard
Katie Vernola
Hope Dworaczyk
Raquel Pomplun
Ida Ljungqvist
Shelby Chesnes
Jessica Ashley
Heather Knox
Amanda Cerny
Jessica Burciaga
Jessa Hinton
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