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I am 15 years old and want to shoeplay and take off my shoes in school

Tell me how i should shoeplay and take off my shoes in school
What is your age?
What is your gender? (I am a male)
I want to shoeplay/take off my shoes in school. How often should I do it?
When I am shoeplaying, how aggressive should I make it and how obvious should it be to other people that I'm shoeplaying?
Should I show other people my shoeplay or make people notice? Should I try to catch the attention of other people?
Do you have any suggestions of you own about what you want me to do?
Should I at any point take off my shoes fully? If so, should I ever push them further away from me and how far away?
What type of socks should I wear while shoeplaying/taking off my shoes? Sould I wear those socks loose (most of the sock below my ankle and some of it coming off my foot, just overall very loose) or very tight, should they be puled up as high as possible?
When I take off my shoes how long should I take them off for?
Should I wear my socks that you suggested for lots of days per pair to make them dirty and stink or keep them clean? If dirty, then how dirty and smelly should they be? if clean, how many pairs a week should I wear?
Do you shoeplay? If so, then describe what and how you do it.
This poll was created on 2018-05-01 15:17:14 by urojim