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Boyfriend as Maid

I am a man, 30, and have been dating a lovely young lady who is 28. She is doing much, much better than me financially. I am struggling to get by, she owns her own home and has a higher paying job than me. She said recently I should move in with her. I told her I would have trouble helping her pay the mortgage and bills. She said I could live with her without doing that, so long as I am willing to be her maid. This includes the idea that I have to put on a woman's maid's dress uniform and tights, and I have to take her cleaning orders and clean up everything for her. Reluctantly I've started doing it.
Does my situation, of having to be the maid for my girlfriend and wear a maid's dress sound normal?
My girlfriend also sometimes puts me down, including in front of other people. She is taller than me so she likes to point out how short I am and how I have no money. Does this sound normal?
This poll was created on 2018-04-27 15:29:44 by XAnon