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Gauntlet part 3

Lucy has won the first two matches in her gauntlet. Her final opponent before she gets to face Rachel is Stacey Poole (5'5" 125 lbs). Although Lucy won both matches, it's pretty obvious to everyone watching she's been through 20 minutes of fighting, and has been on the receiving end of some of the punishment.

Lucy's strategy is :

26% (4) Go all out and try to take Stacey out quick
33% (5) Keep Stacey on the ground and try to use wrestling moves to rest up a bit while damaging Stacey at the same time
40% (6) Fight defensively and wait for Stacey to make a mistake

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Stacey's strategy is :

20% (3) Get in close and start hammering Lucy's body with punches
60% (9) Keep it just enough of a fight to exhaust Lucy and then start going for damage
20% (3) Try to push Lucy into a corner and start dismantling her there

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Who winds up winning?

53% (8) Lucy
46% (7) Stacey

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How long does it last?

20% (3) 5 minutes or less
26% (4) 10 minutes
33% (5) 15 minutes
13% (2) 20 minutes
0% (0) 25 minutes
6% (1) 30 minutes or more

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How does the match end?

53% (8) Pin
26% (4) Submission
20% (3) Knockout

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Lucy's condition at the end of the match?

0% (0) She had an easy enough time that she's actually recovered a bit.
13% (2) About the same as when it started.
13% (2) Still standing but wobbly
46% (7) Lucy managed to pull herself up with the ropes, but looks nearly done
26% (4) By the time the cage is lowered and the finale starts, she's still splayed out on the mat

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Anything of note that happens in the match?

No graph available for this question

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This poll was created on 2017-11-25 03:34:54 by wrectoplasm
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