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Bra Attitudes

Just curious what people's attitudes are toward the garment of clothing known as a Bra.
First of all, do you believe that women should wear a bra...
All The Time (except sleep)
Whenever leaving the house or with children around
Whenever leaving the house
Whenever children are around.
Is it fair that society expect a woman to wear underwear for her upper torso, but not for males?
Yes, It is Fair
No, It is Not
If you think society's views on the bra need to be changed, how so?
Men Should be expected to wear a male bras
Females should not be expected to wear bras
No Change Needed
Last society question: For MALES only: If society's views on bras were to change to the expectancy for males to wear a garment similar to a Bra, would you wear it?
Ladies Only: What types of bra do you prefer to wear most often.
Basic Hook in Back
Basic Hook in Front
Sports Bra
Print Bras (i.e. bras with prints of flowers, etc)
Very Feminine Bras
Ladies Only: How old were you when you first started wearing bras full-time?
6 and below
17 and up
Ladies Only: Please check any statment that you agree with.
I enjoy the feel of my bra
I do not think that a bra inhibits my movements
I hate having to wear a bra
I feel uncomfortable talking about bras
Ladies Only: How old are you currently?
12 and under
13 - 15
16 - 18
19 - 23
24 - 35
36 - 50
50 - 70
70 and up
None of Your Business
Men Only: Have you ever wondered what wearing a bra would be like?
Men Only: Have you ever tried on a bra, and if so, how did you feel about it?
Yes, I liked it a lot
Yes, I liked it a little
Yes, I didn't have an opinion
No, but maybe someday
No, never
Men Only: Please check each statment you agree with.
I Think bras are sexy b/c they hint more than show
I find it difficult to remove my wife's/gf's bra
I think that wearing a bra is beneficial to women
I enjoy looking at pictures of women in bras.
Males Only: How Old are You?
12 and under
13 - 16
17 - 20
21 - 25
26 - 40
41 - 55
56 and older
None of Your Business
If a Female friend of yours told you she had decided to stop wearing a bra, how would you react (Indicate Sex in answer (M or F))
M, Wouldn't care
M, Would try to talk her out of it.
M, Would support her
M, Would encourage her.
F, Wouldn't care
F, Would try to talk her out of it.
F, Would Support Her.
F, Would encourage her.
If a Male friend of yours told you they decided they wanted to start wearing bras, what would your reaction be (Indicate Sex in Answer, M or F)
M, Wouldn't Care
M, Would try to talk him out of it.
M, Would support him.
M, Would encourage him.
F, Wouldn't Care
F, Would try to talk him out of it.
F, Would support him.
F, Would encourage him.
This poll was created on 2001-11-30 04:18:37 by mrpoll5478