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Gauntlet second fall

Lucy won against Samantha Hoopes, although she didn't escape unscathed, she is tired after a 10 minute match, but didn't seem to be very hurt. As soon as Samantha is out of the ring, Lucy's next opponent is in. Her opponent this time is Melissa Riso, who is 5'2" and 100 lbs.

Who wins?

21% (5) Lucy manages to catch Melissa and puts on a wrestling show, taking her out easily
43% (10) It's a back and forth affair, with Lucy putting Melissa away in the end.
8% (2) Melissa dominates Lucy from the onset, but eventually Lucy manages to get in enough offense to put Melissa away.
0% (0) Lucy controls the match, but exhaustion allows Melissa to come back and win in the end.
4% (1) Both inflict damage on each other, but the match before means Lucy eventually falls victim to Melissa
21% (5) Melissa uses her speed and athleticism to demolish Lucy and finish the match virtually untouched

23 voters have answered this question.

How long does the match last?

39% (9) 5 minutes or less
52% (12) 10 minutes
8% (2) 15 minutes
0% (0) 20 minutes
0% (0) 25 minutes
0% (0) 30 minutes or more

23 voters have answered this question.

How does the match end?

39% (9) Pin
26% (6) Submission
34% (8) Knockout
0% (0) DQ

23 voters have answered this question.

Lucy's condition at the end of the match?

17% (4) Still just scrapes and bruises
17% (4) Tired and hurting
30% (7) Sluggish and in obvious pain
13% (3) Completely spent
21% (5) If not for smelling salts, she'd still be ko'd when her next opponent enters the ring

23 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2017-08-14 03:08:32 by wrectoplasm
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