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Money Expert

At moneyexpert.com, we are committed to providing our clients with debt management services to help them gain control of their finances and to improve their financial future. We are dedicated to helping our clients change their financial situation, one monthly payment at a time. We are always looking for ways to improve our services and would love to hear from you. We created this short survey to help us understand the needs of our customers. No personal information is required as this is a general survey open to the public. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions today!
Are you currently employed?
Prefer not to say
How many credit cards are in your household?
1 - 5
5 or more
Too many to say
Not applicable
How many loans or lines of credit are in your household?
5 or more
We owe too much money, help!
We (I) prefer not to borrow money
How much money debt (not including mortgage payments) does your household have?
1,000 to 15,000
15,000 to 25,000
$25,000 to $50,000
We do not have debt.
Prefer not to say.
If you do have debt, are your payments and accounts current?
Most of the time
Not applicable
Have you ever filed bankruptcy because you were unable to make the payments?
Unfortunately, yes
Thankfully, no
I have thought about it but not sure it is the right thing for me/us.
This would never be an option.
Prefer not to say.
Have you ever thought about doing a debt management program?
Yes, all the time.
No, I never knew such a program existed.
We/I have considered it.
I would need more information about how it works.
Not applicable.
Have you tried to consolidate using a loan before?
Yes, but my request was declined due to a poor credit rating.
Yes, but I was declined because I owe too much money.
Not applicable.
How many creditors are you in arrears with?
Too many.
None of them.
I have a couple of outstanding accounts.
I would rather not say.
Are collection agencies contacting you?
Yes, please help!
Prefer not to say.
If you could, would you consolidate all of your debts into one payment?
Does not apply.
If you have thought about consolidating through a debt management plan, what has stopped you from getting started?
I never really needed it, so does not apply.
Not sure.
I am not sure it is the right choice for me.
I am concerned about the negative effects of starting the program.
I do not know enough about it to consider it.
This poll was created on 2017-07-21 14:32:08 by MoneyExpert