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Are you currently employed?
Prefer not to say.
If you answered yes to Question 1, are you employed full-time?
It fluctuates.
Rather not say.
No, only part-time.
If you are not employed, do you receive a minimum $1000/month?
Prefer not to say.
I answered.
Is your pay direct deposited into your account?
Not applicable.
No, I still get paid by check.
What would you say your credit is like?
Prefer not to say.
I have not credit.
How much debt to you have?
$50,000 +
Less than $10,000
Prefer not to say.
Less than $30,000
I have not debt
$30,000 - $50,000
Do you have credit cards?
I do not want one.
I have one or two.
Yes, too many!
I cannot get one.
Do you have a car loan?
Prefer not to say.
I don’t own a car.
Do you rent or own your home?
Do you often need money for emergencies?
Maybe once or twice a year
All the time.
When you have an emergency, where do you get the money you need?
Does not apply.
I have savings for a rainy day.
Somehow I figure it out.
I try getting an installment loan but I get denied.
I take a cash advance from my credit card.
I borrow it from mom and dad.
I get a payday loan.
What type of emergencies do you typically encounter?
Sometimes I need to make a large purchase but do not have enough money.
Car troubles.
Pet issues and accidents.
Not applicable.
Not sure, it varies.
Injury and not enough health insurance.
How much do you typically need to borrow?
$5000 +
Less than $5000
Less than $2500
I never need to borrow money for anything.
Less than $1000
When you apply for a loan or credit card, do you usually get approved?
What’s an approval?
Yes, always.
Rather not say.
Sometimes, depends on the financial institution.
When you apply for a loan or credit, how do you usually apply?
I never apply for a loan.
On my bank’s website.
It depends.
Over the phone.
On the financial institutions website
In-person at my bank.
If you typically apply online, how would you rate the application process?
It is long and complicated so I often do not complete it.
confusing and not very user-friendly.
do not remember.
Does not apply.
How fast is the approval process?
It would be nice if it was instant.
It varies.
It takes forever.
Does not apply.
Around 1 or 2 business days.
Which form of credit do you prefer?
Any credit is fine.
Installment loan
Revolving loan.
Does not apply.
No credit is good.
Credit cards.
If you have ever needed a loan, have you taken out a payday loan?
Yes, I hate them.
No, I would never even consider it.
I have never needed a loan
Would an installment loan be a better choice for someone with bad credit?
Not sure.
Yes. It will make it easier for the borrower to pay back the funds.
No. Someone with bad credit should not be borrowing any money.
Is it better to have an instant online approval instead of waiting for a few days?
No. Banks should take their time to assess the risk.
Yes. At least you will know right away.
Not sure.
If you had a financial emergency today, how would you pay for it?
Try borrowing money.
Sell something.
Take it from my savings account.
Not sure.
If you could quickly get approved for an installment loan today, would you give it a try?
No way.
Not sure.
Possibly, depends if I need the cash.
This poll was created on 2017-07-08 01:52:24 by MTPLoans