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Xenia Tchoumi celebrity fantasies

All questions I can think of about Xenia Tchoumi fantasies. DISCLAIMER: we do not encourage anything against Miss Xenia Tchoumi. We respect her and regard her as an important role model. This poll is intended as pure fantasy for fun with no relation to real life and people.
Xenia Tchoumi is...
The sexiest woman alive
Very sexy
Below average
Not sexy at all
Fantasy feud between Kristina Bazan and Xenia Tchoumi. You think...
Kristina Bazan is sexier than Xenia Tchoumi
Xenia Tchoumi is sexier than Kristina Bazan
Concerning style you think...
Kristina Bazan's style is better than Xenia's
Xenia Tchoumi's style is better than Kristina Bazan's
In a fight between Xenia and Kristina...
Xenia dominates the fight beating Kristina to a pulp
Xenia wins with difficulty
They would knock each other out
Kristina wins with difficulty
Kristina dominates the fight, beating Xenia to a pulp
You see Xenia as...
A sub
A domme
Which of these celebrities are sexier than Xenia?
Amber Heard
Elisabetta Canalis
Kristina Bazan
Kristina Krayt
Laetitia Casta
Megan Fox
Martina Stella
Charlize Theron
Scarlett Johansson
Chiara Ferragni
Giorgia Palmas
Meisa Kuroki
Margot Robbie
Belen Rodriguez
Emma Watson
Adriana Lima
Catalina Otalvaro
Kristina Bazan and her friends Fiona Zanetti and Cibelle Levi capture Xenia Tchoumi. What happens first?
Kristina and her friends prepare a drink for Xenia, spit in her drink and make her swallow it
Kristina and her friends use Xenia as a sitting stool
Kristina and her friends force Xenia to lick their shoes
Kristina and her friend spit in Xenia's mouth and force her to swallow
Kristina and her friends now own Xenia. They...
Publish naked pictures of Xenia on Xenia's social media
Force Xenia to serve them
Beat Xenia to a pulp
Your best female friend vs Xenia
Xenia beats my friend to a pulp
They knock each other out
My friend beats Xenia to a pulp
FIRST SCENARIO. THE POWER TO FORCE MODIFICATIONS ON XENIA'S BODY You have the power to change Xenia's body. What is your goal in doing so?
I would try to make her look sexier to my taste
I would change her body to humiliate Xenia because she is proud of her looks
You can change Xenia's hair. You make her hair
Dull brown
Light brown
Light blonde
Platinum blonde
Golden blonde
Ash blonde (her natural dye)
Dark brown
Deep red
Now you can change Xenia's eye color. You choose:
Light Green
Deep Green
Xenia's measurements are 34-24-34, bra size 34B. She is 5'8 tall (173 cm). Let's work on her body now. You can change Xenia's breasts. You make her breasts...
I make her breasts 38B
I make her breasts 36D
I make her breasts 36B
I make her breasts 34C
I make her breasts 32C
I make her breasts 32B
I make her breasts 32A
You can change Xenia's waist (24) You ...
Her waist becomes 23, I want a better hourglass figure
Her waist becomes 22, I want a clear hourglass figure
Her waist becomes 25, I want a more banana figure
Her waist becomes 26, I want a clear banana figure
Her waist becomes 27, I want to make sure her waist is too wide so Xenia cannot be a model
You can now change her hips size. Her new size is ...
You can make Xenia taller or shorter. You decide Xenia's new height should be...
5'11 (180 cm)
5'10 (178 cm)
5'9 (175 cm)
5'7 (170 cm)
5'6 (168 cm)
5'5 (165 cm)
5'4 (162 cm)
5'3 (160 cm)
You now change Xenia's legs
I make her legs thinner, skinnier
I make her legs more toned, with more evident muscles in the thigh and calf
I maker legs softer, with larger thighs
You have created a new body for Xenia. Your new Xenia is...
Humiliated by your choices, she was proud of her body as it was
Flattered by your choices, you have followed her taste and improved her
Now you change Xenia's character. She is a very strong willed and independent girl. You make her
Even more strong willed and independent
Much more insecure and shy
With your powers you now create a copy of Xenia's original body. You show it to your new Xenia. You ...
Make her spit in her old body's mouth, then throw the body in a trash compactor
Show her how easily you break her old body's arms, legs, jaw and spine, then throw it in a trash compactor
Force her to watch while you beat her old body with a baseball bat, crushing it to a pulp
Force her to beat her old body to a pulp with a wooden bat
You now get to Xenia's social media. You...
Force Xenia to close and delete all her social media accounts and blog
Force Xenia to delete all her pictures but keep the accounts live for the new pictures she will take
Force Xenia to watch while you delete all her accounts and pictures
What you like most of Xenia
Body figure
What you hate most of Xenia
Body shape
In your opinion, the new Xenia you have created is...
I made her sexier to my taste
I made her sexier to her taste
I made her more girl next door to humiliate her pride
SECOND SCENARIO: YOU AND YOUR BEST FEMALE FRIEND vs XENIA SCENARIO The following questions will be about a fantasy scenario involving you and your female best friend against Xenia. 1. Who is sexier?
My best female friend is sexier than Xenia
Xenia is sexier than my best female friend
2. You and your friend meet Xenia. You notice she wears a size 6 expensive dress. You think..
Her dress fits your friend's size
Her dress fits your size (you are a girl)
Her dress fits both your friend's and your size (you are a girl)
Her dress doesn't fit either your size or your friend's size (and you are a girl)
Her dress doesn't fit your friend's size (you are a man)
3. You decide to strip Xenia naked. You:
Tell Xenia to remove her clothes herself
You remove Xenia's clothes off her body
Your friend removes Xenia's clothes
4. Regarding her clothes...
You keep them for yourself
You let your best friend wear Xenia's clothes
They don't fit either of you two, you rip Xenia's clothes to shreds
5. Xenia is wearing a lot of makeup. You decide to remove it:
Your friend spits on Xenia's face to wipe off her make up
You spit on Xenia's face to wipe off her make up
You both spit on Xenia's face to remove her make up
6. You decide to test how soft is Xenia's tummy.
You punch Xenia's guts, your friend keeps count
Your friend punches Xenia's guts, you keep count
You and your friend both punch Xenia's guts and force her keep count
7. How many punches do you think Xenia can take in her guts before begging you to stop?
More than 50
8. Xenia's begging you to stop punching her guts. You..
Stop hitting her
Give her another punch, then stop
Give her another 10 punches, then stop
Ignore her and keep hitting her guts until she pukes
9. You decide to spread Xenia's legs. You grab Xenia's right ankle, your best friend grabs Xenia's left ankle. You start pulling her legs apart...
You spread them only a bit
You spread her legs a couple feet apart just to put her private parts into view
You spread her legs very wide, putting her private parts completely into view
You spread her legs until Xenia begs you to stop for the pain in her inner thighs
You keep spreading her legs apart mercilessly beyond Xenia's pain limit, until her tendons snap in two and you can leave her legs totally wide
10. You finally take pictures of Xenia in distress:
You take pictures of her naked body with her legs spread apart
You take pictures of her naked body with her legs apart while your friend forces a foot in Xenia's mouth
You take pictures of her naked body with her legs apart while you force a foot in Xenia's mouth
You take pictures of her naked body with her legs apart while your friend wipes her soles on Xenia's body
You take pictures of her naked body with her legs apart while you wipe your soles on Xenia's body
THIRD SCENARIO - XENIA LIVE VIDEO Xenia starts a live video. Little she knows, you have the power to make her do things against her will.... Her video starts normally, she's at the beach, talking to her fans. You make a celebrity appear in the field of view. She is....
Margot Robbie
Kristina Bazan
Emma Watson
Kate Upton
Meisa Kuroki
Giorgia Palmas
Megan Fox
Kristen Stewart
Kristina Krayt
Megan Fox
Amber Heard
Emma Stone
Chiara Ferragni
You read into Xenia's mind and use your power to make her reveal her true thoughts about your chosen celebrity. She tells to her audience that ...
She hates her, she thinks she's ugly and overrated
She doesn't think much of her
She likes her, but nothing special
She is terribly jealous of her, she would love to have her looks and body.
You take a good laugh at Xenia's revealing speech. You decide to have more fun. You let your chosen celebrity approach Xenia, then you make Xenia tell to her public she wants to wipe the sand off your celebrity's feet. You control Xenia and make her do this in her live video:
She bows and uses her manicured hands to wipe the sand off your celebrity's feet
She bows and uses her soft hair to wipe the sand off your celebrity's feet
She bows and licks the sand off your celebrity's feet
You let your celebrity wipe the sand off her feet using Xenia's face, mouth, tummy and legs
The audience in front of Xenia's live video starts to feel aroused. You decide to let them have another go. You make Xenia go an all four on the sand and...
She begs your celebrity to sit on her back
She begs your celebrity to ride her for a couple minutes
She begs your celebrity to give her a good kick in her lifted buttocks
She begs your celebrity to pull her around by the hair
After this scene, you make Xenia beg your celebrity to accept her as a slave.
Your celebrity accepts to take Xenia as her slave
Your celebrity does not want Xenia as her slave
After this, you let your celebrity sit by and keep focusing on Xenia's live video. You see people start asking Xenia embarrassing questions about her sexual life and habits
You make Xenia honestly answer to all questions about her sexual life as if she was talking about the weather
You make Xenia blush at the questions and then answer them in an embarrassed tone
You make Xenia play with her fans, flirting with them with elusive answers about her sexuality
You decide it's time to spice things up a bit. You want Xenia to show her naked breasts to the audience. You...
Make Xenia drop her bikini top for a second, flashing her nipples to her fans
Make Xenia untie her bikini top, throwing it into the ocean and continuing her video with bared breasts
Make Xenia rip off her own Bikini top, rip it to shreds and continue her video with bared breasts
Make Xenia beg your chosen celebrity to rip off her bikini top and throw it in the ocean, continuing her live video with bared breasts
After forcing Xenia to show her breasts to the audience, you decide it's time to reveal the rest of her body. You...
Make Xenia lower her bikini bottom, flashing her private parts to the audience
Make Xenia naturally remove her bikini bottom as if she was alone in her room and continue the live video totally naked
Make Xenia rip off her own bikini bottom throwing it in the ocean and continue her live video naked
Make Xenia beg your celebrity to rip her bikini bottom off her body, throwing it in the ocean and continuing her live video naked
Xenia's fans have now seen all of Xenia's body. You keep having fun:
You force Xenia to touch herself in front of the audience, describing her sensations in deep details
You force Xenia to cyber live with her fans
You force Xenia to do any sexual act on herself her fans request during her live video
At the end of this scenario....
You let your chosen celebrity bury Xenia's naked body in the sand, leaving only her head out
You let your chosen celebrity put Xenia on a leash and drag her away from the fans
You let your celebrity pour sand in Xenia's mouth and other private parts then let the video close on the close up of Xenia trying to swallow sand
You let your celebrity beat Xenia to a pulp in front of her audience then leave her broken on the sand
You let your celebrity sit on Xenia's face and fart until Xenia passes out
Which scenario did you find most fun in your opinion?
The live video scenario was most fun to play
The me and my best friend scenario was the most fun to play
The body modifications scenario was the most fun to play
Imagine you have the power to switch people's body. You can swap the body of one of the following celebrities with Xenia's. Which celebrity do you choose?
Ariana Grande
Emma Watson
Kate Moss
Kristen Stewart
Scarlett Johansson
Amber Heard
Kristina Bazan
By switching Xenia's body with that of another woman, your goal would be...
To make Xenia sexier
To make the other celebrity sexier
To humiliate Xenia by giving her a body she wouldn't like
You are
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