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Wrestling WWE Divas: Past & Present

The WWE Divas are know for being strong athletes, but could they defeat a male? Features Divas from the early 2000s through 2017.
Which Diva should participate in the match? (Can select multiple choices for handicap tag team; stats listed: years as diva, billed height and weight)
Ashley Massaro _____(05-08, 5'4" 110lb)
Brie Bella _________.(08-16, 5'6" 120lb)
Candice Michelle ____(05-09, 5'7", 120lb)
Emma ____________(11- present, 5'5", 110lb)
Eva Marie _________.(13- 17, 5'8" 125lb)
Eve Torres _________(08-12, 5'8" 131lb)
Jillian Hall _________.(05-10, 5'6" 130lb)
Kelly Kelly _________.(06-12, 5'5" 108lb)
Layla El ___________.(06-15, 5'2" 125lb)
Maria Menounos _____(Special Contestant 09- present, 5'8" 130lb)
Maria Kanellis _______(04-10, 5'7" 115lb)
Maryse Ouellet ______(08- present, 5'8" 115lb)
Michelle McCool _____(04-11, 5'10" 127lb)
Mickie James _______(05-10, 5'4" 135lb)
Nikki Bella _________(08- present, 5'6" 120lb)
Paige _____________(12- present, 5'8" 120lb)
Stacy Keibler _______(01-06, 5'11" 130lb)
Stephanie McMahon __(99- present, 5'9" 135lb)
Summer Rae _______(12- present, 5'10" 118lb)
Tiffany (Taryn Terrell) (08-10, 5'6" 120lb)
Torrie Wilson _______(01-08, 5'7" 133lb)
Trish Stratus _______(00-11, 5'4" 125lb)
What type of outfit does the Diva choose for the match?
Her normal wrestling attire
Bra & Panties/ Lingerie
Business attire
Street clothes (Jeans, T-shirt, Tank Top)
When she sees her skinny-fat opponent (5'10", 155 lbs) in the ring what's her reaction?  photo 5dd2411e-5171-4bab-8238-d5f1efbfb274_zpsw6teu1zi.jpg
What kind of match do they have?
Single Fall
Backstage Brawl
Handicap Tag Team
"I Quit" Match
No Holds Barred
Oil Match
Strip Match
Ultimate Surrender
Is there any sort of strength contest? If so what is the outcome?
Overall who's physically stronger?
Diva by a lot
Diva by a little
About Even
Guy by a little
Guy by a lot
Why does the match happen? Is there anything at stake?
Does the Diva do anything to intimidate Guy before the match?
Makes her signature entrance
Enters ring in a robe which she tears off to reveal her attire
Makes her way to the ring flaunting her body to the fans
Makes fun of his body
Points and laughs at him
Grinds up against him
Tells him she is going to beat him up
Shadow boxes
Flexes her muscles
Enters stoic & calm, not bothering to intimidate him
Who wins the match?
The Diva wins easily, not wasting anytime in finishing him
The Diva wins easily, but toys with him taking her time
The Diva wins a back and forth match
Guy wins a back and forth match
Guy wins easily
If the Diva won what happened during the match?
How did the Diva taunt/ trash talk her opponent?
Did the match end with a pin, submission or knockout?
What move(s) did the winner use to finish the loser?
Her Trademark Finisher
Reverse Headscissors
Strikes - Punches, Slaps, Elbows
Strikes - Kicks, Knees
Choke Out/ Sleeper Hold
Groin Attack
Bronco Buster
Breast Smother
Boston Crab
Schoolgirl Pin
Crossbody Pin
If the Diva won how exactly does the match end? How does she humiliate/ trash talk the loser?
If the Diva won how does she humiliate the loser?
Diva dances and cheers over his body, she climbs the top rope displaying her Championship belt to the crowd
Diva makes fun of him for being beaten by a girl
Diva slaps him until he cries
Diva pulls down his shorts and spanks him
Diva laughs at his member
Diva forces him to admit that he's weaker than her
Diva crushes his face with her butt
Diva crushes his face with her breasts
Divs snaps his neck
Diva forces him to be her slave
Diva puts a leash around him and drags him backstage
At the end of the match what condition is Guy in?
Battered and Bruised
Broken Bones
Black Eyes
A Crying Mess
Knocked Out
In need of medical attention
How does the Diva respond when she's interviewed on the match?
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