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How to wear flipflops to school?

I'm a 20 years old university student boy from Europe, and I live with my parents. When I was younger, I didn't wore flipflops to school, but it's time to do it. As far as I know, my mum wouldn't be happy if I wear flipflops, she doesn't like it.

I have a larger amount of stored pocket money (about as much as the lowest salaries), so my Mum won't notice that small money for flipflops. How to buy the flipflops?

15% (2) Buy it secretly, and stash it secretly into the most Top Secret corner of my wardrobe
7% (1) Buy it secretly, and let my Mum find it somehow
15% (2) Buy it during a school trip or beach/pool activity - no secret
30% (4) Tell the truth about my plans
0% (0) Buy it as my Mum is with me OR Make her to buy them
15% (2) Look pictures of flipflops on the web, and Mum will ask me if I want her to buy me flipflops
15% (2) Other (please explain)

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And - let's start the adventure - how to wear them?

15% (2) Wear them secretly for school (change footwear on the way to school, then change back)
0% (0) Wear them as "Hey Mum, look what I've found. I want to wear them to school!"
7% (1) Wear them as "Oh Mum, I can't stand my feet sweating in shoes, I'll wear these flipflops, OK!?"
69% (9) Wear them without asking or saying anything
0% (0) Go out in shoes, come home in flipflops (for example after a beach/pool activity)
7% (1) Other (please explain)

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What should I do if my Mum says that she isn't happy about it?

23% (3) Ignore it
7% (1) Tell her that my feet need freedom
7% (1) Tell her that I want to do something cool
23% (3) Tell her that it doesn't matter what she says, I'll wear the flipflops
30% (4) Tell her (what?):
0% (0) Give up this flipflop plan, and wear normal shoes with socks when it's BLAZING outside
7% (1) Other, explain in next question, or message forum

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If you chose other, then what to do? Explain here, or in messages forum.

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Give me Advices about wearing flipflops

0% (0) Wear pool sliders instead of flipflops
84% (11) Be brave, and don't fear of your Mum's reaction
53% (7) Just take it easy
7% (1) Other (then explain)

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If you chose me to wear flipflops or pool sliders, then what clothes should I wear with them? Remember, it's university, so good-looking is important.

83% (10) T-Shirt and shorts (normal, average)
0% (0) Long sleeved T-Shirt, shorts
0% (0) T-Shirt, long pants (hmm... ok)
0% (0) Long sleeved T-Shirt, long pants (looks strange)
16% (2) Other (explain)

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This poll was created on 2017-03-17 19:21:07 by Durmi
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