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Decide and take your aim at her

You are a special force soldier and have been given a solo mission to eliminate a hostile target. You took on the mission and went into enemy territory and have encountered your hostile target, you found a safe spot and take your aim, you realize your target was a young beautiful girl and she was walking around unarmed with no one around her. As you see a chance to take action what will you do?
Make your choice.. (hehe)
Take aim with the rifle and shoot her right in the head. (she drop dead immediately)
Take aim with rifle and shoot both of her breasts. (she hold her chest after getting shot then bleeding out to death).
Take aim with rifle and shoot multiple time her in the butt. (she dropped to the ground, holding on to her butt and yelled in pain..and you walked toward her and watch her bleed out slowly in pain till she die)
Throw a grenade to where she was walking. (Grenade blasted and parts of her body exploded to pieces)
You decide to take a knife and assassinate her, as you sneak up behind her and slit her throat. (she died quietly)
You went down and fight 1 on 1 with her with bare hand, as you notice she much weaker than you. You beaten her up badly and took her as a prisoner.
You take aim with a pistol and shot her in the vagina so she can be paralyze. (she drops to the ground yelled in pain..and you come up a knock her out and bringing her back as a prisoner)
You decide to sneak up to her and knock her unconsciously with less brutality you didn't harm her as much then brought her back as a prisoner with you .
You decide to abort the mission because you feel bad and cannot harm a girl.
You decide to abort the mission and deserted your special force and take her hand and run with her to a place where you and her can make love.
This poll was created on 2017-02-09 00:53:38 by mysticalunicornzero