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boys who take shoes off in church and restaurants

this is a poll for boys (and fathers with sons) who like to do shoeplay or take off shoes in public places like at church and at restaurants.
how old are you? (or is your son if you are a dad)?
where do you like to do shoeplay and/or take off shoes, church, restaurants, other places?
what kind of shoes and socks do you wear when you do shoeplay and/or take off shoes in public?
do you (or your son) like to do shoeplay and play with shoes, or kick shoes all the way off, or what?
do you (or your son) ever lose shoes or almost lose shoes taking them off in public either by accident or on purpose?
why do you (or your son) do shoeplay or take off shoes, it is to be comfortable, out of boredom, being fidgety, because it feels good, or for other reasons?
do you (or your son) do other things in church and restaurants and public places along with taking off shoes?
please feel free to share stories of you or your son doing shoeplay or taking off or losing shoes in public:
This poll was created on 2017-02-02 15:54:03 by showoffboy