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King Kylie

Kylie Jenner is tired of wrestling with her sisters and challenges her friends to some friendly competition
Kylie wrestles Pia Mia in her livingroom
Kylie wins easily by a schoolgirl pin
Kylie struggles but wins after Pia has enough and cries uncle
Kylie and Pia roll on the ground with neither gaining any advantage. Kylie finally wears down Pia and pins her by sitting on her chest.
Pia dominates Kylie easily pinning her until she cries
Pia and Kylie battle back and forth until Pia makes Kylie tap after bending her arm behind her back
Pia dominates Kylie never letting her off her back. She plays with Kylie until she gets bored then sits on her face until Kylie blacks out
Kylie and Gigi Hadid wrestle in bikinis on the beach
Kylie easily dominates Gigi pinning her over and over until she's had enough
Kylie struggles at first but turns it around and pins Gigi with a crucifex
Neither woman can gain an advantage until Kylie grapevines Gigi making her tap
Gigi hip tosses Kylie to the ground and pins her in 10 seconds
Even fight but Gigi proves to be stronger and wins with a schoolgirl pin
Gigi comes back and wins after she drops her breasts on Kylie's face and rubs them back and forth until she passes out cold
Kylie and Hailey Baldwin wrestle poolside
Kylie plays with Hailey and pins her when she starts to get bored
Kylie and Hailey roll around in an close match. Kylie proves to be tougher and wears Hailey down and wins with a small package
Kylie plays with Hailey and wins with a breast smother
Hailey destroys Kylie never letting up and toying with her until she wins with a back slide pin
Hailey wins after bouncing up and down on Kylie's chest
Hard fought fight. Hailey wins after she wraps her thighs around Kylie' face and squeezes until she blacks out
Kylie and Cara Delevingne wrestle each outside a Club
Kylie easily dominates Cara and pins her on the cold concrete
Good match until Cara bumps her head allowing Kylie pin her
Kylie makes Cara suffer with punishing holds. Kylie wins after she wraps her legs around Cara's waist and crushes her with a scissors
Cara slaps Kylie silly and wins with a rear naked choke
Close fight until Kylie's heel breaks and she twist her ankle. Cara sits on her chest and pins her to the ground
Cara eventually wins when she makes Kylie tap out to a anklelock
Kylie Jenner wrestles Chloe Moretz in the ring at a charity event in a best of 2 out of 3 pin match
Kylie easily pins Chloe twice in a matter of minutes
Kylie wins the first pin but has to work hard for the second
Kylie and Chloe split the first two pins. Kylie doesn't give up and wins when she bends Chloe in two with her legs spread over her head
Chloe embarrasses Kylie by easily pinning her twice
Chloe outlasts Kylie and powers her way to two hard earned pns
Chloe loses the first pin but comes back and wins the second. Chloe takes Kylies back and rides her until she can roll her over and sit on her face
Kylie Jenner wrestles Bella Thorne after a photo shoot
Kylie wipes the floor with Bella making her cry
Kylie struggles but comes out victorious after she makes Bella tap out when she rips out chunks of her hair
Long hard fought fight with both women coming back. Kylie wins when she traps Bella in a boston crab
Bella taunts Kylie mercilessly and plays with her until she rolls her up in a cradle
Bella uses her strength to make Kylie tap with a side headlock
Classic fight with many near pins. Bella wins after she knees Kylie in the crotch and locks up a standing guillotine
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